2D Glasses Make 3D Movies Suitable For All

Are you one of the many people who get headaches or nausea while watching 3D movies, but don't want to get ditched at the lobby when your friends all head in to checkout the latest visually stunning flick? Then grab these 2D glasses to revert the movie back into its original, flatter form.


Gotcha! The 2D glasses are one of the many hilarliously believable fake inventions that ThinkGeek has released as part of their yearly April Fool's Day gags. Be sure to check out their site for more classics, like the Bonzai Kitty Plush (my personal favorite), the PlayMobil Apple Store and The Gummy iPhone Case.

Apr 2, 2011
by Anonymous

It should be patented...

Yes, it can work. It is NOTa fake invention. jtam007.

Apr 8, 2011
by Anonymous

It probably couldn't be patented...

The solution, that allows this to work, is so incredibly simple that it probably is not patentable.