2LoveMyLips: Cosmetics Company That Ensures Women Avoid Date Rape

For a night out, women dress themselves up, make themselves up, and sometimes talk themselves up when they meet a gentleman that they fancy. But these elements don't give men the green light to take whatever they want from the experience, and there's one cosmetics company that wants to ensure that just because women look beautiful, doesn't mean that they compromise their safety.

Lipgloss with a side of date rape detectorLipgloss with a side of date rape detector

2LoveMyLips creates lip gloss that they market as being seductive and lip plumping. The idea behind this concept is that just because women LOOK seductive, doesn't mean that they have the intent of acting seductive. Each of the 5 glosses have a different color and flavor, but all come with a drink testing kit that allow women to ensure that their drinks haven't been spiked with GHB or other dare rape drugs.


2LoveMyLips is a company that's about empowering women with sexy products that also help them hang onto their inhibitions!

Via: Iconoculture.com Newsletter