2TB USB Flash Drives – Coming Soon?

I'm all of us here know and love those USB flash drives – they're cheap, very common, small in size, and easy to lose. Well, I hope anyone looking to purchase one of these upcoming drives will be sure to keep it safely locked away, as its massive capacity will make it easy to ditch big, lumbering external 3.5” hard drives for doing full computer backups and storing huge files.



Yes folks, Transcend's upcoming Thin-Card flash drives will apparently be able to handle up to 2TB (that's 2000 gigabytes) of data in a shell just slightly thicker than a penny (and thinner than the majority of flash drives out there). It's even got a USB 3.0 interface for fast data transfers. How on earth did they do it?

Unfortunately, that's just a rhetorical question for now, as no real specifications on the device have been released yet. Also, the drive that was shown at the Display Taiwan show (and pictured above) was reportedly only a 16GB model, but apparently the technology behind it (likely developed by Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute) is capable of scaling all the way up to that landmark 2TB capacity.

There is also no price tag on the device yet either, and the companies are waiting for USB 3.0 to become an international standard first before putting the drives on store shelves. Still, products like this really make you wonder, don't they? (Via NetbookNews)

Aug 31, 2011
by Anonymous

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