3 MORE Cat Toys That Will Drive Your Cat Wild


Cat Crazies by PetmateCat Crazies by PetmateLet's face it; it's hard to please a cat. Toys are one way to do that, but cats are finicky, so you have to rotate them. One day your cat will be rolling around with a catnip-stuffed mouse and the next she's as blazé as a sphinx when you toss it.  So, you have to keep a stash of toys, freshened up with some good catnip, before you re-introduce them every few weeks or so. It's cat psychology... as far as it goes.

These are a few of my cat's favorites, along with the spring toys I covered a few weeks ago, that drive him crazy when introduced once every few weeks....


1. Kong Wubba Mouse Cat Toy


Kong Cat Wubba MouseKong Cat Wubba Mouse


Now, to you and I, the Kong Wubba Mouse Cat Toy, may not look like much, but kitties love this little guy. He's actually 8 inches tall, but only weighs an ounce because he's stuffing free, except for catnip, jingle bells, and crinkles, the sounds and smells your cat loves. My cat particularly enjoys the many legs of the Wubba Mouse, so I hold it up and tease him with it for awhile until he grabs it from me and rolls around with it.


2. Yeowww! Catnip Filled Banana Cat Toy


Yeowww! Catnip ToyYeowww! Catnip Toy


The Yeowww! is another cuddly toy my cat loves to roll with. The beauty of the Yeowww! is that it's stuffed to the brim with catnip and nothing makes kitty happier than the introduction of it, especially after a short respite. I keep our Yeowww in a plastic Ziplock to keep it fresh and ready for play at each rotation.  One warning, however; if you let your cat play with it for too long, he just might decide to destroy it!


3.  Petmate Cat Crazies


Petmate Cat CraziesPetmate Cat Crazies


Go figure.  These little plastic pieces can give cats as much excitement as a room full of scurrying mice.  Well, I exaggerate. But you'd be surprised how cats love to flip the Cat Crazies over and toss them up in the air.  Participate and your cat will have even more fun.


That's the buzz for today!

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