3 New And Innovative Business Ideas

With the recession most countries are in nowadays, job offers tend to be scarce and people are turning into their own businesses. That is especially easier if, like most of us here on InventorSpot, people have a strong innovative and inventive side.

At the moment there are some fields on the rise, mainly due to the way our societies are today. So, the key to a successful business enterprise is to choose the right niches and have the best ideas, in order to fulfill people's needs. Let me give you three ideas that, in my vision, are valuable bets to go on.

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Wearable Tech Store

Google Glass is probably the most well-known example of wearable tech right now, but this is a growing niche. In fact, studies estimate that worldwide spending on wearable technology will grow from $1.4 billion in 2013 to $3 billion this year, and to $19 billion in 2018.

Also, major tech companies like Google, Apple, Samsung and others are investing a lot in this area, where the smartwatches and fitness bracelets are yet other examples. With an ever-growing market, a store featuring this kind of products would surely be successful.

Selling Electric Car Accessories

Even though the electric car has been around for a while now, it was not until recently that this market has begun to sky rocket. Companies are investing in these cars and the consumers are also searching for them, as their prices are slowly getting lower and more accessible.

While it might be hard to establish an electric car dealership itself, selling things that these cars need is a great idea: adapters, chargers, cheaper batteries, and so on. This is a business that, most likely, will require some initial background research and start-up capital, but electric cars will surely be getting more popular.

Healthy Options Vending Machines

I know this one might sound strange, but there is in fact a lot of sense to it. In addition to the people becoming more aware of health issues such as cholesterol and other heart problems, causing for them to exercise more, people are also starting to eat better and healthier.

So, it would be a smart move to provide them with vending machines selling this kind of products, given that most of them nowadays sell only junk food.