2 Perfect And Easy Blowout Brushes Better Than The Rest

Revlon Ionic Hot Air KitRevlon Ionic Hot Air KitSome of us just aren't "hair" people. I know I struggled just mastering the hair straightener, so when it comes to something like a blowout, the technique is beyond me. The perfect hair-do requires a round brush and a blow dryer, but trying to wrap hair around a brush while smoothing with the dryer feels like it needs three or four hands! Thankfully, beauty geniuses created a few blowout brushes that dry your hair and create the perfect, bouncy waves at the same time.

1. The Revlon Ionic Hot Air Kit

 The Revlon Ionic Hot Air Kit is the perfect starter kit for women looking to try the blowout look. This inexpensive hair drying kit comes with two brushes in one inch and one and a half inch diameters. You can use it as a dryer or easily pop on one of the brush heads. Literally in a snap, you're ready to create luscious waves. It's available in retail shops and online.

Revlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air kitRevlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air kit

2.  The Perfecter

The Perfecter from Calista is a little different in the sense that it doesn't dry your hair. It provides a blowout style without acting like blowout tools. The Perfecter adds volume, texture, waves, and curls to hair. It's a self-heating barrel brush that easily allows you to add some va-va-voom to your 'do. The one downside is that this styling tool requires some investing. Unless you're ready to drop a hundred bucks on this tool, you may want to stick with a hair dryer and brush. You can order yours online and check out some of Calista's tutorial videos.

The Perfecter: from CalistaThe Perfecter: from Calista


Hopefully these two innovative beauty gadgets can help you cheat your way through a blowout. If you've mastered the brush, blow dryer and hair clip method then I tip my hat to you. If you haven't, give these styling tools a try and enjoy full and glorious waves.

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