360 Virtual Urban Windscreen Previews Innovative Transparent Pillar Technology

Jaguar Land Rover's innovative 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen is coming to to your Jaguar, or Land Rover as the case may be. This futuristic system of remote blind-spot cameras and pillar-mounted screens provides drivers with unobstructed views of the road both ahead  and, with every glance over the shoulder, behind.

Since TMI isn't a good thing for either the system providing the info or the driver attempting to process it, the pillar-mounted screens have a default setting that keeps them switched off in normal driving mode.

Should the the driver activate the turn signal or look back before changing lanes, however, the system will automatically turn the relevant pillars in view virtually transparent. Check out this short but mesmerizing official video from Jaguar Land Rover to see the system in action.

The 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen is no one-trick pony, either. The system features a head-up display that gives a virtual “halo” to other vehicles and pedestrians in the driver's field of view.

The HUD works in harmony with Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation, which projects the translucent image of a virtual car ahead of the driver. On-screen prompts advise the driver to “follow me” and turn right or left on the way to their planned destination.

As advanced as the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen seems, Jaguar Land Rover envisions even more possibilities inherent in the concept.

By connecting the system to a cloud stocked with data on street signs, features and businesses, drivers can view information such as gas station prices or the number of available parking spaces in an upcoming lot right on their HUD.

Though the system as a whole seems eminently possible considering the projected capabilities of near-future technology, Jaguar Land Rover is giving no indication when we might see a practical application of the 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen on regular production vehicles. (via Motor Authority and World Car Fans)