3 Avatar Fashions Inspired By The Na’vi On The Planet Of Pandora

Avatar may not have won best picture, but it did receive a couple of nods at this year's Academy Awards and there's still a ton of hype surrounding it. For those who want to follow the styles of the Na'vi a number of fashion pieces have been designer, inspired by the movie and its indigenous people.

#1 Avatar Fashion - The Avatar Mask

Avatar MaskAvatar Mask

If you really want to look like one of the Na'vi people, specifically Omaticaya, then there's a great leather Etsy mask that will give you that look and feel and you'll be transported straight to Pandora. Since it's made of leather it's designed to have a more natural feel, and it's sure to fool anyone with its authenticity.

#2 Avatar Fashion - Avatar Jewelry

Earthy Avatar NecklaceEarthy Avatar Necklace

To accessorize and further get in touch with your inner Pandora inhabitant, there are some great Avatar inspired necklaces. The first is more subtle in its Avatar connection though it definitely acts as a statement piece. It was inspired by Mo'at in the movie. Other accessories offered have direct Avatar themed designs and others still simply incorporate the color scheme.

Avatar NecklaceAvatar Necklace

Avatar AccessoriesAvatar Accessories

#3 Avatar Fashion - Blue Avatar Pants

Avatar PantsAvatar Pants

If you're really into getting the Avatar look head to toe, you can get the blue-skinned look and try skin-tight bicycle shorts that will make you appear as close to a naked blue Na'Vi as you possibly can without stepping into an alternative world. These pants may not have been intended to have such a similarity to Avatar, but how can you not make the connection?