3 Simple Dog Outfits For This Halloween And Beyond


A lot of dogs are just not that into dressing up for Halloween.  My dog happens to be one of those.  If I put a silly costume on him, he knows he looks silly, and he just won't move in it.  So I just choose something simple for him to wear to the dog park for Halloween festivities - just to show he's in the spirit of the holiday.  And you know what?  He really gets to enjoy himself.

Here are three dog outfits perfect for the freedom loving dog on Halloween....

Simple Halloween Dog Costume No. 1:  Candy Corn Halloween Dog Outfit

Simple and corny as can be, these Candy Corn dog hats and leg scrunchies are too much, aren't they?  They'll get plenty of attention trotting around with bells ringing on their scrunchies, and they deserve all the attention they get.  But, hey, they're unencumbered!


Candy Corn Dog Halloween Costume: image via inthecompanyofdogs.comCandy Corn Dog Halloween Costume: image via inthecompanyofdogs.com


While you're at it, pick up this super tough Halloween toy, the Candy Corn Tuffit Toy, in heavy cordoroy, built to withstand 100 pounds of tugging!


Candy Corn Tuffit Toy: image via inthecompanyofdogs.comCandy Corn Tuffit Toy: image via inthecompanyofdogs.com


Simple Halloween Dog Costume No 2:  Halloween Dog Collar and Leash

It's Halloween season, after all, and this beautiful soft nylon Halloween Collar and Leash can be worn all season, at least a few weeks before Halloween and a week after. Candy corn, pumpkins, black cats, and witches' hats adorn the collar and leash.  The collar is available in 5 sizes and it comes with a 6 foot leash.The set is every bit as sturdy as other nylon leash sets; it's even machine washable.  Isn't it cute?


 Halloween Dog Collar & Leash: image via inthecompanyofdogs.comHalloween Dog Collar & Leash: image via inthecompanyofdogs.com


Simple Halloween Dog Costume No 3: Moose Dog Sweater With Antlers

Now here's a sweater your dog can wear all winter long, not just on Halloween.  She should only wear the Moose Dog Sweater with Antlers if it's cold and she's outdoors, of course, as this dog sweater is 100 percent wool.  Perfect for a late afternoon party in the park in a cold climate!


 Moose Dog Sweater With Antlers: image via inthecompanyofdogs.comMoose Dog Sweater With Antlers: image via inthecompanyofdogs.com


If your pup doesn't mind getting all duded up for Halloween, here are some really fun pet Halloween costumes that just came out this year. 

That's the buzz for today!


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