Get Scared! - 3 Best Sites To Satiate Your Appetite For Fear

Need more horror in your life?

After we covered Hotel 626, an online haunted house full of multimedia-rich material that went viral, we found that our readers love to have their socks knocked off in horror. Unfortunately, Hotel 626 is no longer online, so we went to work to see where fans of horror games can go next. Check out these other scary online games that will cause your cursor to shake uncontrollably.

SCARY SITE: EXMORTIS 1, 2, 3 and 4


This game comes from the brain of online game producer Ben Leffler. It's an eerie point-and-click adventure full of blood, gore and mystery. Excellent story telling and morbid graphics make this an online experience you won't soon forgetj (although, if you're having nightmares you might want to try). The degree of difficulty in this game is about medium, as you're pretty much left without instructions and it is not always clear what items in each room you have to click in order to solve the typical point-and-click adventure puzzles. It's a stylistic choice by Leffner that definitely adds to the horror atmosphere, but also adds to the difficulty. If you enjoy the game, there's a sequel,  a third installation and now Exmortis 4 to disturb yourself with. You can play the original Exmortis at NewGrounds.



The OutbreakThe Outbreak

The Outbreak is a really unique online experience that fuses an original modern zombie flick with the added feature of choices that affect the outcome. It's essentially a "choose your own adventure" zombie survival movie. What's great about this site, though, is that if you wind up dying, you can go right back to the chapter that tripped you up and choose differently. Either try to remember the order of your choices, or use the "Chapter" button to see a tree of your progress. Here's a hint: there's only two way to make it through the movie without dying. The acting is about on par with what you'd expect from a zombie movie, and there's plenty of blood and gore to match. Good luck surviving the horde! (Update: There is now a new Dead Frontier - Outbreak 2 you can play here.)


Satan GamesSatan Games

 If the two sites above didn't satisfy your craving for carnage, Satan Games will provide you with a compendium of horror-themed casual gaming, perfect for the gore monger in you. These games are hand-picked by the site's editors, and include creepy selections like "Saw IV: Trapped" and "Mystical Battle" (a cool strategy game where humans, undead, vampires and werewolves battle to rule the world). Look towards the top of the page and you can filter games by categories like "shooting games," "escape games, "gory games" and "zombie games." There's something for every horror fan, you just have to dig (a grave) for it.

Of course, this is just a small sample of all the sites that cater to the horror genre. These are just the ones I thought were some of the better horror sites available.

Did you survive The Outbreak? Did you solve the mystery of Exmortis? Have a favorite website not listed here? Let us know in the comments below, and stay frightened!

If you are looking for games you can download and play instead of signing up online,  the ones I recommend are  these Top 10 Horror Games To Scare You Witless.

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Originally published February 2013 and updated June 2015.

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