3D Babies: Get Your Baby In A Box


Pregnant and can't wait to meet your baby?  Well thanks to 3D Babies, you can see and even hold your baby as early as 23 weeks in utero.

As a mother or father to be, one of the greatest  experiences is watching your unborn child develop.  Mothers love getting the chance to hear the pitter-patter of their child's heartbeats and watching their babies on the ultrasound screen.

There are several gadgets and companies that help capture those first bonding moments: stuffed animals that play recordings of baby's heartbeat, portable fetal dopplers you can use at home, and 3D ultrasound franchises.  Adoring parents are even getting tattoos of  their baby's electrocardiogram (EKG).

Anyone who's seen an ultrasound picture knows that it can be difficult at times to distinguish what's what.  With a 3D model, you get to explore, clearly, all your baby's adorable little features.

3D Babies utilizes 3D printing technology and combines it with 3D ultrasound pictures to create either a half or life-sized model of your baby.  

Half-sized babies are 4 inches from crown to rump and cost $250 while life-sized babies are 8 inches (the average measurement for a 23-32 week baby in gestation) and cost $550.

The customer can choose from 4 different positions, and must specify the gender as well as select a skin tone: light, medium, or dark.

All models from 3D Babies are made with their eyes closed and a tiny heart shaped hole on their rump.

All you have to do to order is decide if you want a half or life-sized model, pay, upload your 3D ultrasound pictures to 3D Babies' website, and then sit back and wait for your baby to be made, packaged, and sent to your doorstep in a box.  It's like a mini birthing process in itself.

You can take pictures with your 3D baby, put it on a shelf or inside your display case, you can even use your tiny bundle as a centerpiece at your next dinner party.

Visit 3D Babies to order your baby in a box here.

Source: 3D Babies