3D Tattoos Transforming Lives Of Breast Cancer Survivors

A diagnosis of cancer of any type is life altering for those on the receiving end. Before the shock and numbness has even had a chance to really set in (much less wear off), patients are generally whisked into programs using a combination of treatments that usually involve surgery. This is often the case with breast cancer patients. With the exception of skin cancers, breast cancer is currently the most common cancer among American women today. The good news is that, as of 2015, there are more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone. Many of these survivors have undergone mastectomies. Of those, a large percentage are opting for reconstructive surgery. When reconstruction occurs the areola and nipple still need to be addressed. That's where 3D tattoos are coming into play.

3D Tattoos

Tattooing has been around for centuries. In recent years, though, the advances in technique and quality are beyond impressive and the results can be likened to genuine works of art. Enter onto the scene 3D tattoos. If you've never seen one, when executed properly, this amazing body art can be mind blowing. Now the procedure is being applied to areola and nipple replication after a mastectomy, and the innovative technique for total body/mind restoration is making headlines. One particular artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia, is calling it "transformational tattooing," and according to patients and physicians it's a pretty accurate description.


3D Tattoos are helping transform the lives of breast cancer survivors: Mum tattoo by Atlanta artist Laura Rachel3D Tattoos are helping transform the lives of breast cancer survivors: Mum tattoo by Atlanta artist Laura Rachel


Gem Marigold Transformational Tattooing

A lot of women equate their breasts with their femininity, and the loss of them can rob them of their identity and self esteem. Tattoo artist Laura Rachel wants to help restore that personal sense of self and confidence in mastectomy patients through cosmetic restoration with transformational ink. Rachel is one of only a handful of artists in the U.S. to embark on this restorative journey with patients looking to complete the healing process with nipple tattoos. That may sound funny, but that's why she opened Gem Marigold in Atlanta. For some women, a breast without a nipple is like an ice cream sundae without the cherry on top, or vice versa. Now, mastectomy recipients have a place to receive the personalized care and attention they require for post surgical needs such as this in a private setting dedicated to recovery and renewal.

3D Tattoo Designs

3D mastectomy tattoos are achieved through careful derma pigmentation selection and shading and require quite a bit of skill in order to make them look realistic. The hardest part is said to be getting them even. If you decide to pursue transformational tattooing, you need to be realistic about the results in order to avoid disappointment. Having said that, some patients feel their 3D nipple tattoos look even better than the pair they were issued at birth. While not all breast cancer survivors opt for new nipples and areolae after reconstructive surgery, and others forego reconstruction altogether, a lot of them still want some sort of decorative tattoo design to cover mastectomy scars left by the initial procedure. Many women choose tattoos with some personal significance to them, while others have clever little bikini tops or demi bras tattooed on with elaborate floral or lace designs. It's up to the individual.


3D Tattoos are helping transform the lives of breast cancer survivors: Lotus tattoo for scar concealment by Atlanta artist Laura Rachel3D Tattoos are helping transform the lives of breast cancer survivors: Lotus tattoo for scar concealment by Atlanta artist Laura Rachel


Breast Cancer Survivors

If you're going to have an areola/nipple tattoo done, do your homework for your area, because not all tattoo artists are created equal. Laura Rachel is an accomplished artist endorsed by the medical community in Atlanta and a guest speaker for such groups as the Mammographers Society of Georgia. Patients considering the cosmetic procedure should check with their physician for references and then research those referrals thoroughly. If at all possible, find someone who specializes in this particular niche and ask to see a portfolio of their work. You should also check and make sure they are fully compliant with all industry standards for your state, that they regularly pass sanitary inspections and that all necessary precautions are taken for the prevention of cross contamination. One final word: this is no place to be looking for a deal or trying to save money. As with all things in life, ultimately you get what you pay for.

By following these tips, you can help ensure a positive experience in your quest for a quality 3D nipple tattoo. If you're considering it, best of luck on your personal journey.