3D Poster Paint Markers Open A New Dimension In Drawing

Movies, video games, TV... it seems everything is going to 3D. Even the humble colored marker is taking the leap into a new dimension. The Posca 3D Color Set 8 from Japan's Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd., includes markers in dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, and green ink.

The package set includes 8 different colored markers, a pair of stereoscopic 3D glasses, and 5 sheets of black construction paper - all for 1,942 yen (about $23.50). Mitsubishi calls these specially designed markers "poster paint markers", and it would seem they would have to be able to exude a thicker, paint-like ink in order to be discerned over the black construction paper background.

It's the perceived difference in depth due to the use of various colors over the black background that facilitates the 3D effect as seen through the stereoscopic glasses.

The retail introduction date is this Friday, October 29th, just in time for holiday shoppers who are too cheap & cheesy to splurge on a 3D TV - just kidding, today's tech-savvy youths will love these markers. Sure they will! (via Gigazine)

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