3D Printed Bow Ties Are What All The Cool Nerds Are Wearing

Bow ties (along with pocket protectors) are the typical fashion trappings of the classic nerd, even more so if the tie is a clip-on. Now the clever designers at Monocircus have turned that tired stereotype on its head by creating what just might be the first cool clip-on tie... and it's a bow tie to boot!

The brain trust of Monocircus is the husband and wife team of Kazu and Shing, a design-duo based in the southern city of Fukuoka. Their line of 3D printed fashion accessories is definitely a sight to see, with the one-piece bow tie standing out by virtue of its good looks, clever practicality and novel manufacturing method.

Forget about tying the tie; normally a feat of digital dexterity far too complex for most of us. Is it any wonder so many bow tie wearers opt for clip-ons? Monocircus' bow tie is a clip-on to be sure, but one quite different than the traditional pronged varieties that demand one's shirt be buttoned to the very top. 

Monocircus' bow tie is cast all in one piece, and this circumstance has forced a radical rethink of the fastening mechanism. The solution is a thing of beauty: an upside-down-T shaped button slot groove on the back of the bow tie's central nexus that slips over a collared dress shirt's button.

Engineering aside, the bow tie just looks cool period. Open-weave construction characteristic of many 3D printed products gives the bow tie a light yet complex appearance – one might say it looks three dimensional! It's also lightweight, adding comfort to the bow tie's generous list of attributes.

Monocircus has priced their 3D printed bow tie at $113 and like the Model T Ford, it comes in any color you like as long as it's black. (via Spoon & Tamago and Designboom)