3D-Printed Chocolate Truffle Self-Portraits Make Tasteful Valentine's Day Gifts

Smile, you're on candied camera! Want to look extra sweet this Valentine's Day? Then go cuckoo... er, cocoa with a 3D-printed chocolate truffle self-portrait from Japan's FabCafe. It's one very tasteful way to show love to your lover.

A product of this very individual nature can't be bought off a store shelf, of course, so interested applicants must attend so-called “events” on February 2nd and (if you miss it) February 9th to get their faces digitized and get the ball rolling. The events have been organized by FabCafe in conjunction with K's DESIGN LAB and are being held at FabCafe's location in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district.

Oh by the way... only women are allowed to attend these events: by Japanese custom, Valentine's Day on February 14th is an occasion for women to present gifts (typically chocolate) to the men in their life. The point of this exercise is for ladies to gift their guys with a box of chocolate truffles, the centerpiece being a 3D chocolate representation of their head! Men have their chance to reciprocate with a chocolate 3D head-shot of their own a bit later, in time for White Day this coming March 14th.

How does it work? Each applicant sits for a 3D scan of their head and face; practicing a range of expressions is encouraged. Then the K's DESIGN LAB technician will consult with the applicant to make adjustments on-screen via a 3D modeling software program.

Last but not least, a 3D printer is then employed to create a silicone mold to be used in forming this very personal chocolate truffle. The finished product is ready the next day and the cost is stated to be 6,000 yen or around $65, possibly not including the accompanying “faceless” truffles, gift boxing and so on.

As this is the first time FabCafe has organized an event of this nature, we won't know how successful it is until after the fact. Whether men will be as enthusiastic about the concept a month from now is also questionable... presenting your loved one with your edible head seems like something only a lady praying mantis would love. (via A Rinkya Blog, ITmedia, and J. Star)