3-in-1 Frying Pan Pleases Time & Space Challenged Chefs

Don't you just hate it when the quick bacon & eggs breakfast you're cooking in a single frying pan turns into an unappetizing mashup with bacon in the eggs and eggs on the bacon? Sure, we've all been there and it's enough to make you go bonkers, but have you been to a Japanese kitchen? There's barely enough room to turn around, let alone cook sausages or whatnot in one pan and fry eggs in another. Some Japanese ranges have just one burner... one!

The good folks at Kuratama have come up with an eminently practical, albeit fussily anal solution: the 3-in-1 frying pan! Cook 1, 2 or 3 different types of food in the same pan at the same time, without freaking out your neurotic kid who demands his foods stand alone on his plate or he won't eat them. Rotten kids, where the heck do they get that from?


Anyway, you can cook whatever you want in the 3-in-1 frying pan but it's ideally made for a single Japanese-style "tamagoyaki" fried egg, which is typically cooked in a very cute rectangular pan and rolled up like a cheap rug on moving day.

You can do that in the 3-in-1 pan's center section while your side dishes and/or lunch bento ingredients cook right alongside; neat, clean and suitable for bento box assembly. 

The 3-in-1 Frying Pan is sold by Belle Maison at their online shopping website and costs 2,980 yen or about $33.00 each. According to BM, they sold about 3,000 of these pans in just the first month. Now that's egg-citing! (via Japan Today)