$4000 Speakers Look Like Tin Cans

The high-end audio market is full of funky-looking, expensive stereo speakers. It seems for every speaker company or designer there's a new shape or configuration that purpotedly takes sound light years ahead of the traditional boxed speaker. The otherworldly looks of the speaker are a mere afterthought in the quest for divine audio.


The latest addition to the weird speaker market are these speakers from RAAL Advanced Loudspeakers. Appearing like tin cans with the labels stripped off, the speakers are omnidirectional and feature mid-range drivers on either end of each can with a ribbon tweeter in between. The woofer is located on the floor while the two speaker cylinders hang from a lamp-like stand that allows the listener to easily adjust position for the perfect imaging. 

The speakers from the Serbian-based company are on display at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver and are expected to be available within a few months. They'll retail for $4,000, which includes a tri-amped system with all necessary electronics.

Via: Dvice