400HP 80MPG V8 Mustang Is Official

Doug Pelmear and his 1987 Ford Mustang created quite a bit of buzz throughout both the media and the internet when he made claims of over 100mpg while producing 400 horsepower. Needless to say there were more than a handful of "B.S." flags raised within minutes. To prove the skeptics wrong, Mr. Pelmear decided to take his Mustang on a little road trip, that ended at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show.

The modified Mustang runs on Ethanol and, according to previous testing, will yield and equivalent of 110MPGe (80mpg), with the "e" signifying the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline. The 4000 mile round trip to Las Vegas served as a way to finalize those numbers, as a team will be tracking the fuel consumption of the Mustang along the way. Doug and his team are confident that his design will be able to deliver the previously claimed results.

To kick things off, the team was honored with a small ceremony at which the governor of Ohio spoke about how the vehicle could change how not just the nation but how the world looked at vehicles.
The Mustang is also being entered into the Progressive Automotive X Prize Contest, where it will go head to head against other highly efficient vehicles. The contest is open to anyone who can design a vehicle that is able to break the 100mpg mark and still seat at least four people comfortably. The prize for producing the winning design is a very very respectable $10 million. Yeah.

The contest is divided into two categories, mainstream and concept, and both have unique rules and design parameters. The 80mpg Mustang will be entered into the mainstream leg of the race. Although it is not the highest mpg rated vehicle that has entered the contest, Doug feels his vehicle is more down to earth and user friendly. All we can say is good luck.

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