The 49ers Go Green!

Solar PanelsSolar Panels

When you think of big supporters of green energy what image comes to mind? The odds are are good that you don't think about the NFL, but one team in the league is going green in a big way. The San Francisco 49ers have made a major announcement this week. They are going solar, and like everything with that team they are doing it in a big way. As many of your may already know the team is building a new stadium for itself. The $1.2 billion dollar stadium, which is slated to open next year, will be using SunPower for their solar power needs at the stadium.

The system, which will be used to offset but not completely replace the stadiums normal power usage, is set to add about 400 kilowatts of power capacity to the facility. This is not, by far, the only green innovation that the stadium is putting in.  The stadium will be set up with parking for fans who choose to bike to the game, as well as those who need to plug in their electric cars for the drive home. The stadium will also feature one more unique aspect, as green rooftop garden that will feature a variety of plants native to the area.

Source: Mercury News
Image: Morgue File

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