4 in 1 Trunki Travel ToyBox Combines Fun And Function


If you have small kids you probably also have a lot of toys lying around.  As much as you want to keep the toys confined to just one or two specific areas, they tend to migrate all over the house.  This unintended clutter is the reason that parents are so often seen seeking out new storage solutions.  Now from Trunki, the makers of the travel kids’ suitcase, comes a riding toy box that can be used in numerous fun and handy ways.



The 4 in 1 Trunki Travel ToyBox is a toy storage compartment first and foremost, but it is a lot more entertaining than that.  It has wheels so it can be ridden around and the units can be linked together to form a train.  The compartments are also stackable when playtime is over and you need a little more space.  In addition, the toy can be used as a rocking doll cradle when the storage portion is placed on top of the inverted lid.

The lid has a handle on top too, so that it can be packed up and taken along on trips.  The size is said to fit well in the backseat foot well of most cars or in the trunk.  It sounds like something we could definitely use around my house. 

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Nov 16, 2010
by Kim Patterson

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