4P Extreme Sports Cam Action Video Minus the Filmer


Anyone who's trying to get sponsored in an extreme sport like snowboarding or skating knows how integral video and photography are. No one's actually believing your stories at face value and a resume with descriptions of all the tricks you've landed isn't going to cut it. You simply need some quality footage and pictures of yourself landing those tricks and stunts with style and conviction. In this case, a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. It's worth your career.

Now the problem with getting video is that you need someone to film it. While this doesn't seem like that big a deal, if you just moved to a new resort and are spending eight hours of your day out on the slopes and in the park, you may not have made too many new friends. Moreover, even close friends are likely to get pretty bored standing in 10-degree cold for hours on end watching you "just miss" that trick time after time. And their footage might just convey that lack of passion.

That's what this 4P Extreme Sports Camera is all about. Drop your buddy, he ain't Warren Miller anyway. The 4P allows you to essentially film yourself. Two parts are at work in this concept: a GPS beacon and a video camera. Strap the GPS beacon to your arm and it will receive your location and communicate with the camera so that it can keep its "eye" on you the entire time. So if your killer day happens to be one that you simply couldn't find anyone to get out and take some film, you're not at a loss.

It would be interesting to see some footage taken by the 4P. The sports that it was designed for happen fast and often entail dropping out of sight (i.e. off a cliff) so it would be quite impressive if the 4P were to render quality footage. As is, it is definitely an interesting concept. Designed by Patrick Nally.

Source: Yanko Design

Apr 13, 2009
by Anonymous

how much???

hey how much are these and is there a website that i can buy it from? because i do mountain biking and its like next to impossible for me to find a friend that actually "catch" those money makin magic shots! i want one of these if they really work!

Apr 13, 2009
by Anonymous


I feel you, I could use one of these too. Unfortunately, it is just a concept and not a production model. Check out the link to Yanko, where you can actually leave comments and interact with the designer. Perhaps he might have some better news, but as far as I know it's just a design with no plans for production (as many of the coolest cars and gadgets often are).