4Skins Briefs: Neutralize Bad Gas With A Funny Holiday Stocking Stuffer

If you're looking for a hilarious stocking stuffer for your guy this holiday season that will actually be a gift for you, then I've found you a novelty clothing item that you're sure to appreciate. This item will solve a major problem for you and he may appreciate it too, or at least your appreciation!

4 Skins Briefs4 Skins Briefs

4Skins underwear has a funny name to begin with but it serves an even more important purpose. They're tighty whites that may look like they belong on a superhero, but it's actually the undies doing the 'crime fighting'! The 4Sklins undies are cotton and spandex, but they do also contain Nano-Technology that apparently doesn't let the odor out when gas is passed. Now do you see why this could be a holiday gift for everyone, especially those around the recipient? 

If these done work, you can always try the Fart Silencer, Fart Freshening Jelly Beans or even the Human Fart Collector.



Via: Gizmag