The 4th Bin Design Contest: Help NYC Get Rid Of Its E-Waste

What's a city to do when it creates 500,000 tons of electronic waste a year? That's the amount of e-waste projected in New York City for  2010, the year the Big Apple will have a dedicated waste bin - the 4th Bin -- specifically for all the obsolete or broken electronics... the computers, DVD players, tape players, TVs, even batteries... all the stuff New Yorkers and everyone else has been throwing in the trash that ends up as toxic waste, leeching into the soil and poisoning the underground water.



The 4th Bin is open to all applicants internationally. The jury is looking for 1) a super logo that will become as familiar as the "mobius strip," and 2)  the design of a special collection bin for the e-waste, which will be recycled by the City. You do not have to enter both parts of the competition.

All design submissions are to be anonymous; upon submission you will receive a special code by which you will be identified. Logo designers are encouraged to utilize electronic imagery in their designs. Design considerations for the 4th Bin include security, size, maintenance, durability, space, and technology.  Competitors are urged to utilize sustainable, non-combustible, and non-flammable materials. 

The Design The 4th Bin deadline is June 19, 2009, but the committee will begin accepting submissions on May 1, 2009.  Finalists will be announced in September, after which there will be a public vote.

The 4th Bin competition is presented by Valiant Technology and is sponsored by The Architect's Newspaper, Core77, Metropolis, Per Scholas, Soho Reprographics, and Supermetric.

 For further specifics on the 4th Bin competition, visit Design The 4th Bin.