5 Inventive DIY Football Themed Party Ideas That Will Have You Cheering

The big day is approaching for football fans everywhere.  Super bowl, it’s practically a Holiday with people getting together to eat, drink, and show their team spirit.

Want to throw an epic football themed party?  Inventor Spot has you covered with these 5 all star DIY super bowl party ideas and a little bonus at the end.

1. Burlap Football Coasters

DIY Burlap Football CoastersDIY Burlap Football Coasters
Source: Snap!

Items needed:

  • Burlap
  • Acrylic paint
  • Scissors or exacto knife
  • Needle and thread (or hot glue)

1. Make a football shaped template using a piece of paper that is about 5.5" x 4.5".  Fold your paper in half and then half it again (round the corners of the paper while cutting in order to make a football shape).
2.  Use the template you just made to cut out the football shapes from your burlap.  You will need two football shapes for each coaster.
3.  Stack two football shaped pieces of burlap together and sew them together around the edge with a 1/2" seam allowance (or simply hot glue them together).
4. Trim the edges a little under 1/4" from your seam.
5.  Paint on the football design or a sports related design of your choice.

2. Craft Paper Football Field Table Cover

DIY Craft Paper Football Field Table CoverDIY Craft Paper Football Field Table Cover
Source: Your Cozy Home

Items needed:

  • Brown craft paper
  • White electrical tape and white stick on numbers or white acrylic paint and a paint brush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Tape

1.    Measure the table(s) you will be using this cover on, add about two inches to each side and cut a piece of brown craft paper using those measurements.
2.    Using your pencil and ruler, make lines for each yard line (making them an equal distance apart or as equal as possible).
3.    Depending on how clean cut you want to be, you can use white electrical tape and some numbered stickers from your local craft store to create the yard lines.  Another option is to just freehand the lines and numbers using some white acrylic paint and brush.
4.    Allow paint to dry and then secure your new table cover to your table by folding the edges under your table and taping them.

3. Football Terra Cotta Flower Pot Centerpieces

   HGTV Football Terra Cotta Flower Pot CenterpieceHGTV Football Terra Cotta Flower Pot Centerpiece

Source: HGTV Gardens

 Items needed:

  • Tera cotta flower pots
  • White paint pen
  • Real or fake flowers in your team’s (or both teams’) colors
  • Florist foam

1. Using your white paint pen, create football “laces” by drawing a vertical line on your terra cotta pot and allowing it to dry.  Once dry, draw about four horizontal lines over your vertical line and allow those to dry as well.

Football Terra Cotta Flower PotFootball Terra Cotta Flower Pot
2. Place a piece of florist foam big (or small) enough to fit into the bottom of your flower pot.
3. Arrange your flowers the way you like by poking the stems into the foam.

4. DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter

DIY Chalkboard Serving PlatterDIY Chalkboard Serving Platter

Source: Wit and Whistle

Items needed:

  • Ceramic serving platter or a wooden cutting board
  • Soft bristle paint brush
  • Chalkboard paint suitable for the material you’re using (ask an employee at your local  craft store if you’re unsure since some paints don’t work on all surfaces)
  • Chalk


1. Make sure the platter you’re using has been washed and dried.
2. Apply a thin coat of the chalkboard paint using your soft bristle paint brush and allow to dry.  Once dry, apply a second coat of the chalkboard paint to ensure no brush lines can be seen.  Allow your platter to dry for at least 24 hours prior to use.
* It is not recommended to place your food directly onto the platter as paint is usually toxic.  To be safe, use strips of wax paper to set your food on.*
3. After deciding where you want your food to be placed, take your chalk and label your foods and create fun little “game plans” with x’s, o’s, and arrows.

5. Mini Foam Glitter Fingers

DIY Mini Glitter Foam FingersDIY Mini Glitter Foam Fingers
Source: Studio DIY

Items needed:

  • Mini foam fingers from Amazon or several sheets of foam and a hot glue gun.
  • Glitter
  • Mod podge
  • Straws or skewers
  • Paint brush
1.    If you purchased mini foam fingers from Amazon, simply place the foam finger on the tip of a straw or skewer to make working on it easier.  If you didn’t, you can also 1) Buy sheets of foam from your local dollar store, 2) Go online and find a foam finger template (make sure you use a size large enough to fit on your finger plus a bit of room at the edges so you can glue your foam pieces together), 3) Trace the template onto your foam sheet (keep in mind you will need two foam pieces to make one mini foam finger), 4) Cut out your foam finger pieces, and 5) Use a hot glue gun to glue your pieces together.
2.    Using your paint brush, apply a coat of modge podge to both sides of your foam finger.
3.    Modestly sprinkle glitter all over your foam finger.
4.    After allowing the modge podge to dry a bit (about an hour if possible), apply another coat of modge podge over the glitter to seal it.
5.    Let your glittered foam finger to dry for about 24 hours and you’re all set.

Want to give your football party an extra kick?  Try out super bowl commercial bingo.

Superbowl Commercial Bingo PrintableSuperbowl Commercial Bingo Printable
Source: Style Me Pretty

Super bowl is notorious for having amazing commercials.  Even most non-fans look forward to them.  This free printable game by Style Me Pretty adds a bit more excitement to your super bowl party in between game play. 

Inventor Spot wishes you a happy football party and super bowl!