5 Driving Aids That Make Driving Easier & Safer


Sun Glare Sun Zapper dual lens stops hot spots from blinding you while you driveSun Glare Sun Zapper dual lens stops hot spots from blinding you while you drive

Is it getting to be a pain (literally) to get in and out of your car? What about turning your head half way around to see what is in your "blind spot?"  Can you see while driving at night?  Well, here are 5 nifty products that will help you continue to drive without hurting yourself; they'll also help to keep you and other drivers safe.


1. Trillion Sun Glare Sun Zapper

I've always been very susceptable to glare; it's caused severe migraines since I was a kid.  But we all get more susceptable to glare as we age, so if you notice you are having trouble seeing when the sun is rising in your windshield or setting in your rear view mirror or bouncing beams off the darn bumper in front of you, you are not alone.

Trillion makes the Sun Glare Sun Zapper that is very effective at minimizing this glare. First, it has a double-layer of polycarbonate lenses that block glare, one that provides a total shading effect of your view and the second, which can be moved around, is for those hot spots like the bouncing beams. You can find the Sun Zapper here.


Trillion Sun Glare Sun ZapperTrillion Sun Glare Sun Zapper



2. No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

How would you like to see 180° around your car when you drive instead of about 52°?  Well, I think that's a no-brainer. The patented No Blind Spot Read View Mirror provides a seemless view of your surroundings so you know precisely when it's safe to change lanes or when a motor cycle is about to drive too close to your car (those nasty buggers.) Watch this:



 The No Blind Spot Rear View MirrorThe No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

This Mirror comes with a lifetime guarantee too!


3. Night Vision Glasses With Doze Alarm

A two-in-one bonus, these Night Vision Glasses not only help you see better and clearer at night, minimizing the glare of on-coming car lights, but they include a Doze Alarm that goes off if your head slumps forward.  These are battery-operated and are great gadgets for a long trip (glasses are effective during the day too), and when you must drive tired.  


 Night Vision Glasses With Doze AlarmNight Vision Glasses With Doze Alarm


4. SuperSlim Swivel Seat

About 60 percent of those 30 and older suffer from bad backs at any one time, making twisting and turning difficult. Well, this SuperSlim Swivel Seat makes it easy to get in and out of your car without any strain at all.  It's especially good if you have cloth seats which tend to make it even harder to move around comfortably.  This thin ripstop nylon seat doesn't lift you, doesn't stick to your clothing or your seat, and it's emminently portable, folding to even pocket or purse size so you can carry it with you. The SuperSlim Swivel Seat can even be used in bed.  Read more about the SuperSlim and purchase it here.


SuperSlim Swivel SeatSuperSlim Swivel Seat


5. Avin A1 Handybar 3-In-1 Vehicle Support Handle

This innovative gadget is one of Amazon.com's highest customer-rated products. It hooks onto your car door latch and provides an eye-level comfortable handle to help you stand up (once you swivel around!). The Handybar can withstand up to 350 pounds of pressure on it and stays secure while you lift yourself up. 




 3-IN-1 HANDYBAR supports your weight as you get in or out of your car3-IN-1 HANDYBAR supports your weight as you get in or out of your car


So, what about the other two functions?  There are two safety features.  If you get stuck in your car for any reason, you can break your window with the handle - just grip the Avin Handybar and smash the window with the steel end.  You can cut your seatbelt off with the sharp edge located beneath the handle.


3-IN-1 HANDYBAR Seatbelt Cutter3-IN-1 HANDYBAR Seatbelt Cutter


The HandyBar works on most cars and trucks and fits both the driver side and passenger side door hooks. Get the 3-in-1 HandyBar at Amazon.com.


Be safe and be comfortable.
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