5 Funny Gifts For Runners

If you're a running family or have runners in your family, your Christmas shopping list may include running shoes, an activity tracker or some running gear. Well, if you want to get a little more creative with the gifts for the runners in your family, check out these 5 funny gifts for runners.

You Know You're A Runner When Ceramic Mug

You Know You're A Runner When Coffee MugYou Know You're A Runner When Coffee Mug

"You know you're a runner when you rotate your running shoes more often than your tires." That's just one of the pithy remarks on this ceramic mug. The mug is dishwasher safe and has 10 short "You Know You're A Runner When" sayings on it. Pick one up on Amazon for the runner, in your family, who enjoys a coffee before their morning run. The mug is $12, however you'll have to pay shipping, as Amazon doesn't sell these mugs directly. 

I Kick Asphalt License Plate Frame

I Kick Asphalt License Plate FrameI Kick Asphalt License Plate Frame

The I Kick Asphalt License Frame is another inexpensive and fun gift you can get for runners who want others to know that they do the running thing and they do it well. It is made of durable, weatherproof materials, and at $13 it can be a part of a goodie bag for your runner. Check out Amazon to pick one up. 

Long Hard Dirty Glass

Long Hard Dirty GlassLong Hard Dirty Glass

If the runner in your family is a trail runner with a bit of a vulgar sense of humor, this drinking glass is perfect for him or her. The glass reads "I Like It Long, Hard And Dirty...I'm A Trail Runner." It costs around $18, and the image on this pint sized glass is translucent (not opaque). Check out Cafe Press for more info.

Runner's High Tee

Runner's High TeeRunner's High Tee

All runners like their "runner's high." It's part of the reason they continue to brave the asphalt day after day. This Runner's High Tee commemorates that feeling. It comes in 10 colors/color combos and is available in sizes S-XXL. It will run you about $25 (a little more for the larger sizes) and you can find out more information on Cafe Press.

Zombies Decal

Zombie DecalZombie Decal

Every runner needs motivation. A Zombie Apocalypse would provide that needed motivation (and would probably motivate others to take up running as well). This decal's humorous quip not only sends the "I'm a runner" message, but says, "I'm a runner with a weird sense of humor." The decal is 8" x 3" and you can pick up one on Amazon for only $5. 

With Christmas right around the corner, you should be thinking of all those people for whom you need to buy gifts. When you think of the runners in your family, go creative and get them something they will enjoy and get a good laugh from. 

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