5 Products That Will Make Your Next Bike Ride A Little Easier

Whether you're an avid cyclist or a novice, who just likes to take their cruiser out for a leisurely spin, there is probably something about cycling that you think could be better--more comfortable seats, a place to carry your cell phone, etc. Well, check out these 5 products that are sure to make your next bike ride a little easier.

Back-Up Barz

Back-Up BarzBack-Up Barz

Back pain can nag a cyclist. Staying hunched over your handlebars while grinding away at those pedals can get to be fairly uncomfortable. Enter Back-Up Barz

Back-Up Barz attaches to your bike's handlebars and allow you to sit in an upright position, which will relieve some of that back pain. You can adjust the position of these handlebars for as much comfort as possible. 

Back-Up Barz can be your solution to back pain, hand numbness, groin pain and restricted blood flow associated with cycling. Check out Amazon to order your own. 

Weanas Bike Frame Pannier

Weanas Bike Frame PannierWeanas Bike Frame Pannier

A traditional smartphone case--one that attaches to your arm or waist--is just a wast of time when cycling. You can't possibly change song, answer calls or turn up your volume when your phone is attached to your arm. The Weanas Bike Frame Pannier solves that problem.

This smartphone case attaches to the front of your bike. You can actually keep the road in your peripheral while you operate your phone when it's in the Weanas Bike Frame Pannier. And at $13, this little pouch is an inexpensive way to make your bike ride safer and more convenient. Check out Amazon to order. 

Fyxation Bike Carriers

Fyxation Bike CarrierFyxation Bike Carrier

Sometimes your bike rack or bookbag just isn't enough when transporting groceries via bicycle. Sometimes you need a place to carry a 6-pack or a growler or a frisbee. Well, Fyxation Leather Carriers were designed especially for those 6-pack emergencies.

Not only are they extremely useful, allowing you to carry bottles and frisbees on your bike, but they're also stylish, made of full grained leather. These leather carriers will run you anywhere from $30-$60, and you can browse Amazon's selection to order your own. 

Pro2form Bike Seat

Pro2form Bike SeatsPro2form Bike Seats

So many times, I've gone on a long bike ride only to feel it in my butt the next day. This is partly due to the fact that cycling recruits your glutes and partly due to uncomfortable bike seats. Pro2form seats were designed with cyclists' rumps in mind. 

These bike seats, which you can have custom made, have wider relief areas, which means that you get more support. And more support makes for a more comfortable and healthier ride. Check out the Pro2form site for additional information and ordering information. 

Garmin Bike Speed Sensor

Garmin Bike Speed SensorGarmin Bike Speed Sensor

Don't you ever wonder just how fast you're going as you're speeding downhill, the wind shoving your cheeks back, feeling weightless? The Garmin Bike Speed Sensor was designed just for those moments, and for improving your training as well. 

The sensors attach to the hub of either wheel and self-calibrate. Now, you'll need a Garmin Edge to go along with these sensors so that you can get your speed reading. But the sensors are only $40. This is a great price to help fine tune your training. Find out more on Amazon

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