5 Products That Will Make Your Workout Tougher

Have you been looking for an edge in your training--something that will help get you quicker, stronger or bigger? These 5 products can help you do that. They are affordable solutions that add an extra element of toughness to your workout, so that you can break out of a rut or get past a plateau in your training.

30 Pound Ankle Weights

30 Pound Ankle Weights30 Pound Ankle Weights

Ankle weights have been around for a long time. I used them in my adolescent and young-adult years, as a basketball player, to improve my foot speed and vertical. However, the ankle weights I used weighed about 5 pounds a piece. The 30 Pound Ankle Weights take the ankle weight game to a new level. 

Though 15 pounds can seem daunting, the 30 Pound Ankle Weights allow you to get to that heavy point in increments. Each of the weights can hold up to 15 pounds. The ankle wraps hold up to 5 weights, each weighing 3 pounds. This means you can go light, with only 3 pounds, to start your training and then work your way up to 15 pounds. 

Ankle weights are a great addition to a quickness, sprint or agility workout. They provide extra resistance when trying to move your feet quickly through drills. The 30 Pound Ankle Weights up the ante and allow for more resistance than typical ankle weights. Find out more about this product on the 30 Pound Ankle Weights site

Elevation Training Mask 

Elevation Training MaskElevation Training Mask

You've probably heard that training at higher altitudes improves your cardiovascular conditioning and can give athletes an edge over their competition. This is true. Air gets thinner with increasing altitude, making your body work harder and increasing its ability to process oxygen. The Elevation Training Mask mimics the high altitude environment, giving you the benefits of high-altitude training without the altitude. 

The Elevation Training Mask employs a multi-level resistance system, which forces you to inhale fuller, deeper breaths. Of course, this device doesn't thin out the air, but it forces your body to respond as if the air were thinner. This, in turn, increases lung capacity, anaerobic thresholds, oxygen capacity, energy production, stamina and mental focus. 

You can find out more on the Elevation Training Mask on their website, or check out Amazon to order one of your own. 

Weighted Vest

ZFO Weighted VestZFO Weighted Vest

The weighted vest employs the same concept as the ankle weights--add resistance to your training, through added weight on the body. Weighted vests are great for strength and power training exercises. They increase the resistance in just about any exercise. 

The ZFO Sports Weighted Vest is a quality, affordable weighted vest that allows you add and subtract weight, via pockets in the vest. Strap on the weighted vest and add some difficulty to pullups, pushups, sprints or whatever exercise you're doing. 

Find out more on the ZFO Weighted Vest on the ZFO Sports site. You can also check out Amazon to order one today. 



In general, I'm not a big fan of ab equipment. Most of the time, the equipment way to big and bulky for the muscle group it's training and it doesn't do anything more than regular crunches or another ab exercise would do. The IsoCoreX is an exception. 

This workout device is small and efficient. Not only does it give you the option of working the core with ab roll-outs, you can do pushups, flyes and other exercises as well. Because the IsoCoreX rolls in all directions, it won't give you a stable platform for exercises like the pushups. This means that your body will have to recruit more stabilizer and core muscles to perform the exercise, making it tons harder. 

The only downfall of the IsoCoreX is the fact that I think it's a bit expensive. Check it out on Amazon or find out more information on the IsoCoreX site

Lifting Chains

Ader Fitness Lifting ChainsAder Fitness Lifting Chains

Lifting chains are a great piece of workout equipment. During most exercises, the concentric phase of the exercise (the phase in which you're lifting, pulling, pressing the weight) tends to have a "sticking point," and then the exercise gets easier. With lifting chains, as you pull the weight up, more chain, and thus more weight, gets pulled as well, adding an ever increasing resistance to the exercise. 

Lifting chains not only help you get past "sticking points," they make the "easy" part of the concentric phase harder. Ader Fitness makes affordable, durable lifting chains. You can get a set of the 60 pound chains, the 44 pound chains or the 30 pound chains. To find out more about Ader Fitness's Lifting Chains visit their website, or check out Amazon to order your own set. 

Whatever your training goals--increase foot speed, get bigger, increase strength--these 5 products can help you get there. The will add an extra element of difficulty to your workout and see you to your goals quicker.

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