5 Ways To Calm Your Cat

 Stress is bad for all living things. For humans and animals, high cortisol levels in our systems can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health, cause disease, and eventually early death.  Like the good cat parents we are, we always try to soothe our kitties when they are stressed by petting them and talking to them calmly, but some situations may still drive them crazy. Traveling, especially to the vet, is especially harrowing for cats, being left alone for longer than usual, environmental noise, a new pet in the home, boredom...  These are just a few of the situations that can cause extreme stress in your cat.


Does this look like your home?: image via petcomfortzone.comDoes this look like your home?: image via petcomfortzone.com


There are several products available that claim cat-calming powers. Some are intended to be sprayed or applied to areas in the cat's enviroment; others are meant to be ingested by the cat.  In either case, I prefer the products that are made of natural ingredients, with no potential harm to the kitty or the environment.  Here are 5 natural and effective products, highly-rated by cat parents to calm your cat.  They may be used independently, but I prefer to take a coordinated approach when stress levels warrant....


1.  Pet Naturals Calming For Cats

Pet Naturals are chicken-flavored cat treats that contain natural calming ingredients like thiamine (Vit. B1) and L-Theanine (Suntheanine) Colostrum Calming Complex, that have helped calm my cats if I can get them to eat them.  The secret to that is to anticipate their future stress and give them the treat before the stressor appears.  For example, if you know a worker will be coming to your home, give your cat a Pet Naturals treat an hour before he arrives.  My cats have always stressed out when gardeners are in the neighborhood from the incessant noise of their electric saws, blowers, and mowers. I know what days they work, so I give them treats before the gardeners arrive.


Pet Naturals Calming Treats For CatsPet Naturals Calming Treats For Cats



2. & 3. Comfort Zone With Feliway For Cats Spray & Diffuser

Feliway is an artifical pherenome that mimics a cat's own pherenome emitted by his facial pores when he rubs against something with the sides of his face.  By rubbing his face against a cabinet or your legs, a cat is marking - acknowledging, in a way, that that object or person is 'safe'.  Comfort Zone employs Feliway in both Spray and Diffuser forms.  I have used both: the Spray on particular spots that the cats scratch, like upholstery and carpeting, and the Diffuser, for small areas of rooms which a cat might not want to enter, just to let her know that they are safe.  



 Comfort Zone With Feliway SprayComfort Zone With Feliway Spray


Comfort Zone With Feliway DiffuserComfort Zone With Feliway Diffuser


4. Good Behavior Calming Collar For Cats

Though I have not tried the Good Behavior Calming Collar For Cats, it is a popular product and its customers review it very highly.  (I have tested the dog version of the collar on three dogs and two of three experienced a reduction in anxiety.)  The Calming Collar For Cats uses camomile and lavender for calming and works for up to 30 days.  Since the Collar goes where he goes, obviously, its purpose is to relax the cat and not, necessarily, to calm him in a specific environment, so I would use the collar along with the more target-specific products above, if the collar doesn't do the whole trick.  Depending on the stress level created by a new situation, more than one product may have to be employed.


Good Behavior Calming Collar For CatsGood Behavior Calming Collar For Cats


5.  Homeopet Feline Anxiety Relief Drops

Although the Homeopet Feline Anxiety Relief Drops provide an overall sense of calm for your cat, it is a particularly good product to use when your cat takes out her frustrations on her own body - as in constant licking or biting of her skin and/or fur.  Homeopet Feline Anxiety Relief Drops are systemic.  The best way to administer the drops is to rub them on the inside of your cat's cheeks and gums, but if that doesn't work, you can add them to her food or spray them in her mouth.  The Anxiety Relief Drops are made with 14 natural herbs; instructions for dosing are included in the packaging.


Homeopet /feline Anxiety Relief DropsHomeopet /feline Anxiety Relief Drops


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