50 Shades Of Fictional Fashion: Christian Grey Inspired Menswear By Norton & Townsend

Fashion inspired by literature is not a new concept. Some designers have selected literal interpretations - 50 Shades of Grey50 Shades of Greyincorporating the image of a book or its pages into a whimsical garment. Others are more focused on fictional fashion, taking a note from the heroes or heroines and bringing their wardrobes to life. The most recent designer to tackle this trend has decided to focus on menswear inspired by a character well lusted after and envied.

The 50 Shades of Grey fashion line by Norton & Townsend is modeled after fashions worn by the title character Christian Grey. It comes as no surprise that the latest trend from this franchise would be fashion, as men around the world have been vying to turn the attention of their significant others away from the pages of the book, or sightings of actor Jamie Dornan filming as Christian for the upcoming movie feature.

Whether you're a fan of 50 Shades of Grey or not, there is no denying that Mr. Grey has a special allure (or the independently published novel with a writing style and subject matter that doesn't appeal to everyone wouldn't be surrounded by so much hype). Part of his appeal is his impeccable fashion sense that is classic yet powerful, and that's not just in the bedroom. His attire behind closed doors includes accessories like handcuffs and whips, but in the boardroom and out on the town, his 3-piece suits, tuxedos, and designer jeans are accessorized with expensive watches and cufflinks.

50 Shades Fashion50 Shades Fashion

Norton & Townsend has interpreted Grey's style in the novel, and promises their line would help any gentleman build a wardrobe that the mysterious businessman would be proud to wear. Unfortunately, 50 Shades fans will have to stay tuned to see images of the whole line, as they have yet to be released. But the primary images show an appropriate namesake suit in the color grey. 

What do you think of this fashion line?

Via: TrendHunter