53MPG Audi A5 Available in the UK

For some reason or another, people often associate diesel engines with oversized trucks and billowing clouds of black smoke pouring from the tail end as they drive off, leaving you coughing and in desperate need of fresh, clean air….or something like that anyway.  The reality is diesels are burning cleaner and in many cases offer better efficiency that some hybrids.  Audi has given us a perfect example of this with the new A5 2.0 TDI.

The A5 has been fitted with a 2.0 liter TDI powerplant that moves the power through a 6-speed manual transmission.  The combination offers numbers as high as 44 miles per gallon.  The good news is, it will also be offering 170 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque at only 1750rpm.  This brings about a 0 to 60 time right at the 8.3 second mark and pretty much reduces the chances of dull driving to zero.

The bad news is that once again, European drivers will be reaping the benefits of this new marriage while the US gets to observe and wish.  At least for now anyway, as there have been a few whispers of the platform making it the North American soil in the next few years.
From : Carscoop