10 Ads That Will Absolutely Make You Puke

Puke Ad # 6: 3M

This is another example of something eating... though it sure doesn't look that way.  You have to read the little ad copy on the right side of the picture to understand that what you're looking at is an ear plug and that it is absorbing all of the sounds made by the items it looks like it's barfing up.  "Foam ear plugs swallow every kind of noise," it states.

Personally, I'd rather it be the other way around.  Keep one of these giant ear plugs around to puke up all of those instruments, then sell them on eBay.  I'd make a fortune.

Puke Ad # 7: Unwired

Get out!Get out!

I'm sure that some of you out there have experienced the horrors of a bad room mate.  I know I have.

This is the kind'a thing that I'd stumble into my living room to find not only on New Year's Day, but generally every weekend.  Just replace the word "bed" with "couch."  And it wasn't his couch, of course.

Puke Ad # 8: Smart Week


This has to be fake.  Please, for the love of God somebody e-mail me to let me know it's not real.

While I love the artwork, I can't wrap my mind around a drink called "Smart Fish" with a catch phrase stating "Fruit & Fish Mixed Like Never Before."

Not only does the thought make me feel like yakking, but the meatball looking thing vomiting up a fish skeleton (on the bottom right) doesn't endear me to the product much either.

Puke Ad # 9: Play Land

Poor Bo-Bo.Poor Bo-Bo.

At least stuffing doesn't smell and is easy to clean up.  I suspect that this ad was a prototype for this:

Puke Ad # 10: The Roy Awards

Um... WTF?!?!?

What kills me is that this is an ad for an awards ceremony for advertising.  How in the hell would this attract people to the event?

"Great Advertising and Open Bar" touts the little catch phrase.  An open bar can do wonders for attendance.  I'm guessing that Koko here had a few too many White Russians...

SOURCE: Ads of the World

John Barker
Clever Ads, Promotions and Marketing

Jan 27, 2010
by Anonymous

Ha! That barely made me feel

Ha! That barely made me feel squeamish.

Jan 27, 2010
by J. Barker
J. Barker's picture


When writing it, the Chupa Chups ad turned my stomach... that's just such a wrong idea to make something appealing...

Jan 31, 2010
by Anonymous

haha, funny.

haha, funny.