5 Best Cameras For Recording Your Life

Social media has made sharing life events, trips, and meals easier than ever. Thanks to websites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, users are able to share with their friends, family, and followers everything from scenic hikes to bland lunches in a matter of minutes. In the age of oversharing, what devices can accomplish these tasks the best? Here's are my recommendations for five cameras perfect for sharing your life with friends and family!

1. GoPro Camera 

Probably the most recognizable camera on the list, the GoPro is super versatile and durable, allowing users to capture all of their favorite moments in HD quality. The GoPro can take crisp still photos and smooth, HD videos. The GoPro has become a staple for extreme sports athletes and adventurers. Where the GoPro comes up a bit short is for the average consumer if they are looking for a hands-free device. The Go Pro comes in a series of price points with different features to best fit your needs. I think the Go Pro Hero 3 has a good set of features at an affordable price.


2. Narrative Clip

 Attach the Narrative Clip to your hat or shirt collar and forget about it. The Narrative Clip takes two 5 megapixel photos every minute and can store up to 4000 pictures internally. The camera can last up to two days on a single charge. Want to capture a specific moment? Simply tap the device to take a photo.

 Narrative ClipNarrative Clip

3. Looxcie

Unlike the Narrative Clip above, the Looxcie can do more than just take pictures twice per minute. The Looxcie 3 allows users to stream in 720p and can take stills at the same resolution. Weighing less than an ounce the Looxcie 3 saves images and videos to a (not included) micro SD card, and allows users to charge their camera via micro USB. Download the app and livestream directly to Facebook or Looxcie's online community. 


4. Autographer

Created by Oxford Metric Groups (OMG), the Autogapher is a "smart" camera that wears like a necklace and has 8 gigs of in-device storage. A 136° lens allows for super wide angle shots. 8 gigs of built in memory allows for close to 28,000 pictures to be stored on the device that can then be accessed via a mobile or desktop app. What makes the Autographer stand apart is its use of sensors. OMG claims that by using five different sensors to monitor things like lighting and motion the Autographer will take the best pictures at the most opportune moments.


5. Google Glass

Trying to look straight out of a sci-fi movie? Google Glass might be for you. Still in the "Beta" stage, there is a waiting list for Google Glass, but by signing up you are put on the list to receive the future gear. Let's not forget about the $1,500 price tag if you are accepted for a pair. With Google Glass you can take both still photos and videos. At the blink, or better yet, "wink" of an eye you can capture any moment that you are currently witnessing. Seriously, you can set it so Google Glass picks up on a wink and takes a picture. If winking is not your strong suit, simply say a command to start recording. 

Google GlassGoogle Glass


Maybe you're a professional athlete, a Youtuber, a technophile, or just a casual Instagram and Facebook user; regardless of the case one of these cameras will fit your needs. The Narrative Clip is a true "set it and forget it" device, perfect for those weekend adventurers. If jumping off of things is more your style, the GoPro is a sure bet. The Autographer and the Looxcie both give just a little more than the Narrative Clip, but one allows for wide angle shots and the other for video. Or maybe you can just leave all of those noobs behind and go straight for the Google Glass. Just keep telling yourself that one day it will catch on and become mainstream.


Photo Credits: Google, Autographer, GoPro, Looxcie, Narrative
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