5 Favorite Indoor Plant Systems To Give Your Valentine

A bouquet of organic flowers is a beautiful gift of appreciation, but beautiful as it is, cut flowers die quickly. What better way to say I Love You to your loved one then to send him/her an indoor plant system that will live for months or more and at the same time serve as home décor? Help your loved one clean their indoor air quality, help the environment and decorate their home with an indoor plant system like the ones listed below.


1. Breath Easy With Exposed Roots


Breath Easy, designed by Paul Thomas is an aeroponic growing system designed to improve home air quality. "The plants are held in place by magnetic seals in the top opening" and at the bottom of the system there is a line of LED lights that illuminate the roots. I'm not sure if Orchids are the only plants that can grow in this system, but they are very pretty. I'd hang them on my wall.

2. Indoor Living Wall Kit


For less then $200 you can buy a wall mounted kit that includes the planting grid, top and bottom trays, a cedar frame, mounting hardware and complete instructions. The kit will grow ferns, ivies in low light and flowers and succulents in bright light. Each panel holds 22 quarts of container mix. The watering tray on top allows water to trickle down to each pocket in the grid. All excess water is collected in a tray on the bottom.(See Living Wall)

3. Florist In A Box


This AeroGarden is designed to grow flowers. The flowers are supposed to bloom for months. The kit comes with AeroGarden 3, 3-pod English Cottage Seed Kit, 3 vases designed for the Plug & Grow seedpods, 4 Vase Adaptor Rings, an illustration guide and a wicker basket. For about 150 bucks I think this is quite a deal compared to a bouquet of flowers that will set you back at least $50 bucks, if not more, each time you buy a bouquet.

4. Outside-in and Upside-down Plant


Save space with this plant system. This is a Boskee Sky Planter and it hangs from the ceiling. The plant inside is designed to hang upside-down. There is no dripping or mess since there is no soil and internal reservoir system feeds water directly to the plant's roots. Sounds like the perfect plant to have if you have kids. 

5. Grass Garden in a Frame


This system from Metaphys sort of works like a Chia Pet except it hangs on the wall. "The frame contains a tray in which you place the high-tech growing medium, made up tiny sponge balls impregnated with nutrients." The seeds are sprinkled on top. You water it and then it grows. Cut it if you want to trim it. The frame can be hung on a wall.

Click here if you would like to read about the benefits of growing plants indoors. Whatever you decided to give your loved one may you have a wonderful and happy day of love.

Jan 29, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 I absolutely love the

 I absolutely love the upsidedown planters, and I've have to agree, great with kids AND pets.

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer