5 Fun Eco-Dining Accessories to Keep Holiday Dinner Guests Tension-Free

It's that time of year again. You can feel the tension weighing everyone down. All you want to do is serve a great meal and keep the peace between the people you love. Help alleviate the tension with the with the 5 cool eco-dining distractions I have listed below.



via reclaim2fame's Etsy shopvia reclaim2fame's Etsy shop

This is Snax. Snax is the cute Snack Serving Robot sculpture created by Will Wagenaar a.k.a reclaim2fame. Open the robots mouth and you will find delightful snacks inside: popcorn, pretzels or whatever you choose to serve at your dinner gathering. Snax is made of recycled parts; rolls around on 3 casters and his arms can be adjusted so that they point up or down. (Buy this on Etsy)



2. Reclaimed Slate Cheese Board

via Uncommon Goodsvia Uncommon Goods

This cheese board is made of reclaimed chalkboards from Franklin Elementary School in Quincy, Illinois. To keep the board from slipping reclaimed wine cork feet. So don't just cut the cheese write it on the board. (You can buy this at Amazon or at Uncommon Goods)



3. Edible Bowl

via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

Some bowls look absolutely delicious, almost edible. These bowls are no exception. In fact, these bowls, created by Geke Wouters are made with edible material, vegetables like: carrot, paprika, beetroot, and leek.(Get more info on Inhabitat.)



4. Wine Bottle Holders

via Out of Handvia Out of Hand

These bottle holders are perfect companions to Snax. Made of recycled or rejected "garden tools, bicycles, car parts, and farm machinery parts". Each one is handmade. You can get the Dog with Guitar, which is approximately 14 inches tall, the Moose which is approximately 15 inches tall or the Dog with Wine Glass which is approximately 15 inches tall. (Get more info here.)



5. Salt and Pepper Orbs

via Dwellvia Dwell

These very elegant salt and pepper eco-friendly orbs are made by Esque and designed by Andi Kovel. The spice orbs were made with recycled glass stock in an electric furnace powered by wind energy. Fill them up and shake them over your organic meal. (Get more info here.)

These 5 cool eco-distractions for the dinner table are bound to start up a conversation not related to the tension. Maybe they will even help ease and forget about the tension. For a few more eco-dining distractions take a look at last years list here at Recycled Decor To Keep Your Bitter Thanksgiving Dinner Guests Distracted.



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