5 Fun, Funky & Ugly Holiday Inspired Purses

Since I've already given you an idea about some of the ugliest holiday sweaters out there to wear to get your Christmas groove on, the focus upon holiday attire really wouldn't be complete without featuring accessories. To round out your holiday wardrobe, here is a selection of fun, funky and ugly Christmas and holiday purses that you will certainly only tote once per year!

#5 Holiday Purse - Santa Suit Purse

Santa PurseSanta Purse

What would a list of Christmas accessories be without a Santa Claus purse? Okay, so this design might be a little morbid if you think of it as toting Santa's torso, but we won't go there...so let's just say this purse features a Santa suit. Santa's obviously been listening to a few good fashion tips as well; trying to minimize the wide waste on his suit with a carefully placed belt at the waist to accentuate the smallest part of him. Yup, got a little off-topic there, but the Santa purse speaks for itself so I had to write something!

This is one is available from Amazon, so use InventorSpot's Affiliate Link when buying

#4 Holiday Purse - Beaded Purses That Double as Ornaments

Ornamental Purses for the TreeOrnamental Purses for the Tree

These pretty little beaded purses are the perfect size for a party-goer looking only to take a few items with her for an evening out or for a child who just can't pass up a holiday accessory. Best of all, with their round and sparkly design, they're perfect to hang on a Christmas tree as decorations when they're not in use! Sure, they might be verging on tacky, but it's all in the spirit of the season!

#3 Holiday Purse - Traditional Santa Bags

Classic Santa PurseClassic Santa Purse

For those who just can't get enough of that traditional, classy Santa look in their homes or on their person; there's the Christmas line of Fairy Inspired Items by Mark Roberts. Santa heads are featured on luscious fabrics with classic designs. The Santa head alone might be just a little bit creepy, but with the combination of other materials and items included on the handbags, it seems less like a murder trophy and more like an accessory made in the spirit of Christmas.

#2 Holiday Purse - Seasonal Purse and Wallet Sets

Snowman Purse and WalletSnowman Purse and Wallet

Also from Amazon, is this purse and wallet set which is available in a variety of different colors, though all patterns do feature snowmen making them multi-denominational! It's definitely full of seasonal holiday spirit, but beware, if you're a parent, this truly is the type of fashion accessory that your children will dread you carrying.

#1 Holiday Purse - Candy Inspired Purses

Candy PurseCandy Purse

Let's be honest, for many the holidays are more about the candy, food and presents than they are about the whole religious aspect (though some do focus on a varied aspect of all of the above). This is a purse that gets right into that spirit of the season with its candy design! This is actually an individual craft design that's not for sale, but it is inspiration for those looking for a holiday purse design that's more funky and fun!


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