5 Fun Things You Can Do In 5 Minutes

Durr! is a new type of watch that messes with your perception of time. It buzzes every 5 minutes, so you can feel how time passes differently depending on your situation. If you've ever given a lightning or Ignite talk, you will come to love and hate the 300 second time limit - enough time to say something significant, but not long enough to say everything you'd like to say.

Durr WatchDurr Watch

But how long is 5 minutes? It's long enough to:

- Learn 100 things from 296 TED talks

- Install Wordpress

- Get happier by keeping a 5 minute journal per day

- Make Bread Pudding, or Chocolate Mousse

- Learn how to tie a shoelace properly or how to make ice tea

Durr is made in Norway, and the first prototype was an old Arduino hooked up to a vibration motor that was programmed to go off every 5 minutes. The results were so interesting, they decided to make a proper prototype to test the idea further. Trying with different time increments, they discovered 5 minutes was indeed the optimal time setting to change the speed of perceived time. You can read more about their product manufacturing process here.

Durr manufacturing processDurr manufacturing process

It would be fun to wear it in the following scenarios and see how we experience time differently depending on where we are, and who we are with: 

- Sit in a work meeting

- Go out for drinks, or dancing

- Stand on the metro

- Go hiking

- Play a game of Chess or Catan

- Go skydiving, or sit on a roller coaster 

- Browse Facebook

- Meditate

- Cook your favourite dish

- Drive to work

- Write a blog entry

It's currently sold out so I'll have to wait for the next shipment to test it properly. In the meantime, you can order yours here. What will you wear yours for?