5 Horrifying Halloween Masks: Costumes That Induce Nightmares


Masks are under used for Halloween because they're stuffy and uncomfortable, but for those looking for easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas - they can create a memorable effect whether they have people laughing or peeing their pants in terror!

#5 Horrifying Halloween Mask - Barak Obama Zombie Mask

Barak Obama Zombie MaskBarak Obama Zombie Mask

The Barak Obama Zombie mask is both hilarious and scary for those who want the best of both worlds when making an impression with their Halloween costume this year. Whether you're an Obama supporter, or would rather poke fun at the President, this mask accomplishes both goals! Make people laugh or cry, your choice!

#4 Horrifying Halloween Mask - Pighead Mask Inspired by the Saw Franchise

Pighead Mask – Inspired by the Saw FranchisePighead Mask – Inspired by the Saw Franchise

Yet another movie from the Saw franchise has been released right on time for Halloween, and whether you're tired of the gory, stomach wrenching scenes or not, you can't deny it's inspired some terrifying costumes, like the Pig Head mask worn when the movie's villains abduct victims for the "social experiments".  The Saw movies are the stuff that nightmares are made of, and if that's what you're hoping to give your friends this Halloween, this pighead mask just might inspire!

#3 Horrifying Halloween Mask - Horrifying Clown Mask

Horrifying Clown MaskHorrifying Clown Mask

Clowns aren't making children laugh anymore, at least they won't be this Halloween with masks like this out there! Although they are meant to inspire laughter and humor, they've been the cause of nightmares for decades with adults and children alike. There's not much more to say about this terrifying clown mask, but when you terrify people with it on Halloween, you can certainly tell them you'll "see them in their nightmares"!

#2 Horrifying Halloween Mask - Spider Victim Mask to Terrify the Arachnophobiac

Spider Victim Mask to Terrify the ArachnophobiacSpider Victim Mask to Terrify the Arachnophobiac

Like the clown mask, the Spider Victim Mask just plays upon sheer primal fear.  Based on the legend of Jack Feeney, a show horse rider who was eaten by a spider, this is one horrifying Halloween mask that just plays upon my own personal nightmares. The design goes over the head and covers the shoulders for increased authenticity, and it's one mask that scares the heck out of me..So if this is your costume choice, take you and your mask and make sure you don't come knocking!

#1 Horrifying Halloween Mask - Gory Cannibalistic Halloween Mask

Gory Cannibalistic Halloween MaskGory Cannibalistic Halloween Mask

This mask is just pure gore and will really get people talking. Pair it as an accessory with basic black, and it's a Halloween costume in itself because your cannibalistic face is about the only place people will be looking anyways.  You've got to love the attention to detail in this gory Halloween mask , like the blood splatter and bugging eyes. Plus, it's versatile, you can say you're a cannibal, or that you've been possessed by an evil demon; whichever you choose it's sure to scare!


Oct 26, 2009
by Anonymous

& Even more scary masks

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All very scary people.