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5 Hot Beauty Gadgets For Women Over 40

After 40, most women undergo noticeable changes in their skin and hair.  Skin tends to become thinner, blotchier, and more wrinkled as one ages, and hair gets finer and less lustrous.

... If money and time were no problem (and when are they not problems?), we would get professional treatments to keep looking our best.... But thanks to technology we can use modified professional gadgets at home.   These five beauty gadgets are my picks for function and reliability.  They make dynamite gifts.


Beauty Gadget Gift  # 1:  The Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion System

Yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially at the tip of a vibrating wand that gently exfoliates your skin -- reducing pore size and blending dark facial spots into your natural complexion.  The vacuum system that is integrated into the wand, removes dead skin and stimulates circulation, encouraging collagen and elastin production. And yes, it smooths wrinkles too, and it's safe to use even around the eyes.



 Do you know someone who wants younger looking skin?  According to a study performed by Mount Sinai Medical Center on this system, the Diamond Tipped Microdermabrasion System is the home version to get.  (Update: This item is no longer available but this new Microdermabrasion System gets rave reviews.)


Beauty Gadget Gift # 2:  The Misting Pore Cleanser

Even women over 40 have trouble controlling skin breakouts - both blackheads and acne.  The Misting Pore Cleanser uses a gentle suction system to clean dirt and oil from skin pores, reducing pore size.  Use in the shower is encouraged, as warm water helps to open pores. (Update: This item is no longer available. Try this facial cleansing brush with has thousands of excellent reviews.)



Beauty Gadget Gift #3:  The Phototherapy Hairbrush

(Update: This item may no longer ba available. Another phototheraphy hairbrush to consider is the Hairmax Laser Comb.) Using LEDs and four low-level lasers, the Phototherapy Hairbrush promises to revitalize the growth and luster of your hair in 8 to 16 weeks of use.  What does "use" mean?  Just brushing your hair with this electronic hairbrush for 15 minutes, 3 times a week.  Ahhh, thicker hair!  Don't worry about timing yourself; the hairbrush does that for you.  If you're nice, maybe she will share it with you. 



Beauty Gadget Gift #4:  Hot Tools Professional Curling Irons

Oh, you're going to tell me, so what's the big deal?  Curling irons are a dime a dozen; every woman has at least one.  True, but not every woman has a Hot Tools Curling Iron.  You see Hot Tools curl exceptionally well and fast.  Most importantly, the curls made by a Hot Tools iron keep the curls all day.  No floppy surprises.   In fact, Hot Tools Professional Jumbo 1" Curling Iron was chosen as one of the best beauty tools of 2009 by Allure magazine.  Read the customer reviews at Amazon; they're terrific!


image via allure.comimage via allure.com



Beauty Gadget Gift #5:  The Volume Enhancing Hair Straightener

(Update: This item is no longer available. A good alternative for adding volume is this rotating styler.) In an interesting twist from a flat, flat iron to a rounded flat iron, the Volume Enhancing Hair Straightener achieves the volume only your hairdresser seems to achieve with a round brush and hair dryer.  But the Volume Enhancing Hair Straightener is a one-handed tool that separates each strand with it's four-layer bristles, making excessive heat the stuff of the yesterday's straightening iron.  Don't let her ruin her hair any more; give her thicker-looking and healthier straight hair with the Volume Enhancing Hair Straightener.



If you receive one of these beauty gadgets for a holiday gift, let us know how you like it!

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