5 Beauty Gadgets For Women Over 40 That REALLY Work

After 40, most women undergo noticeable changes in their skin and hair.  Skin tends to become thinner, blotchier, and more wrinkled as one ages, and hair gets finer and less lustrous.

If money and time were no problem (and when are they not problems?), we would get professional treatments to keep looking our best.... But thanks to technology we can use modified professional gadgets at home.   These five beauty gadgets are my top picks for function and reliability in that they actually work as promised.  They also make dynamite gifts.

1:  Olay Pro-X Cleaning System 

Even women over 40 have trouble controlling skin breakouts - both blackheads and acne.  The Olay Pro-X Cleaning System uses a soft rotating brush to gently exfoliate skin and deep cleaning. For a tiny fraction of the price of the Clarisonic Skin, it's just as effective in leaving you with skin many times cleaner than you can get without it.



2:  Hot Tools Professional Curling Irons

Oh, you're going to tell me, so what's the big deal?  Curling irons are a dime a dozen; every woman has at least one.  True, but not every woman has a Hot Tools Curling Iron.  You see Hot Tools curl exceptionally well and fast.  Most importantly, the curls made by a Hot Tools iron keep the curls all day.  No floppy surprises.   In fact, Hot Tools Professional Jumbo 1" Curling Iron was chosen as one of the best beauty tools of 2009 by Allure magazine.  Read the customer reviews at Amazon; they're terrific!




3:  Infiniti Pro Volume Enhancing Hot Air Spin Styler

If you have flat or thinning hair, you need a hair styling tool that will get you the additional volume you need. The Infiniti Pro Volume Styler does that well by adding volume while it dries your hair with its Ion Technology.  A multidirectional brush and two heat settings help you style the hair the way you want. It's lightweight and super easy to use if you want something that is easy to hold and manage. You won't need two hands with this styler.


4:  Hairmax Laser Comb

Eureka, I found a device that can actually thicken and grow back thinning hair. The Hairmax Laser Comb is the only device approved by the FDA for treating hair loss and promoting hair growth.  The laser comb delivers proven light therapy that stimulates hair follicles and enhancing hair growth. All you have to do is use the comb over your hair for less than 15 minutes a day and you can have thicker hair.


5:  Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion System

Yes, diamonds are a girl's best friend, especially at the tip of a vibrating wand that gently exfoliates your skin -- reducing pore size and blending dark facial spots into your natural complexion.  The Kendal Diamond Microdermabrasion System is a non-surgical system that safely rubs off dead skin and stimulates circulation, encouraging collagen and elastin production. And yes, it smoothes wrinkles too, and it's safe to use even around the eyes. It's also a great device if you have hyperpigmentation or melasma as a result of hormonal changes with menopause. This is a professional grade product so it is a bit more expensivebut  you can easily recover the cost with saved two visits to your skincare professional. It gets rave reviews.



With these tools, together with my picks for the 4 Anti Aging Devices That Really Work And Take Years Off Your Looks,  you may be able to able to age beautifully as well as gracefully.

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Originally published December 2009 and completely revised May 2015.

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