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5 Innovative Ways To Light Up Your Garden

It is getting easier, cheaper (sort of) and more interesting to buy solar powered lights lately. They are in every gardening catalog, on every gardening website, and slowly popping up around homes. As Amazon.com rapidly turns green you can even find them here. Here is a quick list of solar lights that will help bring your electric bill down and light up your home in very colorful and interesting ways. Just click on the name of the item if you want more information on the product.


1. Solar Powered Floating Light Globe

If you have a pond or a large fountain try the floating solar powered color changing light. The light is incredibly bright. It provides a rainbow of colors: green, red, blue, orange, purple, white, etc. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. No wiring is required to use it and it's solar batteries recharge during daylight. This light is not recommended for use in chlorinated water. (Info here.)

2. Mushroom Color Changing Solar Lights

Like mushrooms? These are cute colorful solar powered mushrooms. Each measures approximately 6.26" x 6.26" x 10.82" and are easy to install and to maintain. A full day of these mushrooms charging in the sun will provides up to 8 hours of light. The mushrooms emit a soft glow and their lights alternate colors from red, to blue, to green at night. (This product is no longer available. Info here on a similar product you may like.)

3. Firefly Solar Garden Art Light

This is a very elegant looking light on a stake. It is a hand-blown cracked glass ball with photocells that turns the light on each night. As the evening progresses the pretty solar ball increases its glow. No electricity is required to turn it on and the bottom of the stake is detachable which allows for different sizes and placements.(Info here.)


4. Floating Hippo Solar Light - Version 2007

Turn your pond into a lagoon with solar critters. Personally, I don't have a need for this solar hippo in my backyard, but I do find it appealing and can imagine it in neighboring backyards. At night his eyes glow and light up to 8 hours. The hippo has a weatherproofed hand painted resin construction and is more realistic looking than its previous version. It also has a flat bottom so it can be placed on the grass as well as a pond. It is lightweight and is 21" long.(Info here)


5. Solar-Powered Daisy Light

I think solar powered flowers are visually pleasing. I like them because they can be placed in a garden of flowers and they will not look out of place. This solar powered daisy, for example, can blend into a garden of daisies and then light the garden up during the night. So it looks like a daisy, but it is really a light. Unfortunately it does require some wiring, a single wire. The wire is connected to a moveable solar panel. At night it lights up for up to 12 hours and has a super-bright LED light.  (Info here.)

If you are wondering if the lights are up to par take a look at the customer reviews. For the most part they are very helpful and indicative of telling you how these lights function in different situations. If there isn't a review available feel free to write your own. Also keep in mind that these are only a few of the solar powered lights available. There are many more to choose from.

Gloria Campos-Hensley
Featured Blogger