5 Innovative Ways To Play In The Pool

Summer doesn’t have to be the same old thing year after year, especially when it comes to your days spent in the swimming pool. Innovative water toys are appearing all over store shelves and the Internet, giving parents a great opportunity to shun the standard diving rings and replace them with new and cutting edge amusements their school aged kids will love. Below are five of my favorite items when you are looking for a little backyard bling your children will love, and you will probably want a turn using as well!

1. Newest Pool Toy: Little Swimmers Looking For Big Adventure

Sometimes turning your swimming pool into an exotic locale is the perfect solution to a humdrum summer day, which is exactly what you can do with Poolmaster’s Volcano Island . Fasten it into your garden hose, and water will spray out of the top like an erupting volcano. Smaller children will easily be able to swim inside and around the island, while teens and adults will enjoy its refreshing “lava” at the same time.

An eruption of summer fun!An eruption of summer fun!

2. Newest Pool Toy: Jet Skiing Without the Ocean

Jet skis are a great investment for a family who has the means to splurge and get away several times a year, but for those who have to settle for adventure in their backyard, a motorized inflatable jet ski that is perfectly suited for pool use. Try the Astone Scooter FX , with a rechargeable battery.

Jet ski adventures without leaving the backyardJet ski adventures without leaving the backyard

3. Newest Pool Toy: Skateboard Ramp On a Pool Floor?

Kids who love the skate park will be thrilled to discover that when it comes to underwater fun, skateboarding is STILL not a crime! Skateboards may not be welcomed on many of your city streets, but a SubSkate underwater skateboard lets children surf and skate up, down and around the boundaries of your swimming pool.

Skateboarding to a new extremeSkateboarding to a new extreme

4. Newest Pool Toy: Nighttime Aquatic Ambiance

Not all innovative summer toys require a high activity level. Sometimes setting the mood for a picturesque evening party can be easily accomplished with pool décor such as a floating lights show . Available through various manufacturers, most units resemble a disco ball and float on the surface of the pool, playing different combinations of colors. Kids will love it for a birthday luau, or just to play with in the water during a night swim.

Pool Party FountainPool Party Fountain

5. Newest Pool Toy: Fitness Through Water Fun

Lastly, get a workout in during pool time, with an innovative aquatic tool guaranteed to get kids away from the TV and out into the water. Water joggers are affordable enough that you can buy two or three and have older children or teens “race” on them across the pool for the ultimate workout. When they are tuckered out and the splashes have subsided, feel free to steal one yourself and get those abs and thighs in shape.

Water fitness for kids and adultsWater fitness for kids and adults

Summer is the perfect time to rediscover a water wonderland your family may have all but forgotten about. Check out these and other innovative pool toys online or at your local toy store today.

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