5 Keyboards That Have Been Beaten With the Ugly Stick

I've used a number of keyboards in my lifetime, and they all seem to have their ups and downs. And when it comes to technology, I usually believe that functionality should precede aesthetic appeal, but I've since changed my mind after laying my eyes on these eyesores.

Here are 5 keyboards that could scare you away:

Ugly Keyboard #5: Das Keyboard

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be blind? Well wonder no more, here's an enhanced 104 key USB keyboard that sports blank keys. Imagine the number of typo's one could make! The Das keyboard retails at $129.00

Ugly Keyboard #4: Hello Kitty Keyboard

Here is one cat that should never have been let out of the bag, the Sanrio Hello Kitty keyboard .

This "too pink for comfort" keyboard features hot keys for connecting to the web, receiving emails, playing/stopping/changing music, and changing volume. It retails at  around $50.00.


Ugly Keyboard #3: Luxeed Keyboard

If you loved the 60's , this is the keyboard for you. With its psychedelic light emitting keys and ability to light up and dim to the beat of music that surounds it, the Luxeed keyboard is a tacky peripheral that's only missing an afro. Watch it in action here . It retails for $127.00


Ugly Keyoard # 2: Hacoa Keyboard

Crafty and geeky, this wooden Hacoa DIY keyboard comes with its very own saw (no bandages included). At a retail price of $300.00 though, I would recommend gluing scrabble tiles to your keyboard instead.

Ugly Keyboard #1: KARA-KUSA Keyboard

This KARA-KUSA keyboard is guaranteed to make your head spin from nothing less than pure exhaustion in trying to decipher the letters and numbers on the keys.

If the forest green spiral design doesn't make you dizzy, the cost of $155.95 probably will.

Well, what do you think of these keyboards? Are there any that you know of that are uglier than these?

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Jul 28, 2008
by Anonymous

Maybe my beige keyboard is

Maybe my beige keyboard is not so bad afterall...

Aug 3, 2008
by Anonymous

the one with blank keys is

the one with blank keys is designed to increase typing speed.. they also sell a version with labeled keys.

Aug 4, 2008
by Anonymous


"Imagine the number of typo's..." like putting an apostrophe for a plural word? Looks like seeing the keys doesn't help THAT much.

Aug 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Das Keyboard is freaking

Das Keyboard is freaking cool. If you aren't a sad typer, the fact there is no letters shouldn't be a problem.

Aug 5, 2008
by Anonymous

Das Keyboard rocks!

I've been using the Das keyboard at work for the past year and a half without problems. The blank keys aren't a problem at all and the keys themselves are the cool 'clicky' type. The best part is that it looks like our old standard issue dell keyboards (minus letters, of course) so it hasn't been stolen yet.