5 More Solar Lights for the 2008 Winter Holiday

Are you hooked on decorative solar lights yet? I hope so, but if not yet, below are a few more unique ones to consider for the holidays. Still don't forget about all the other ones available online. There are many solar string lights, multicolored and not and of course the ones I've written about in the past.


Rudolph Solar Outdoor Statue

This cute simple statue is made to endure the outdoor elements. It measures 20 inches tall, has a solar panel on the bottom side of the unit (I am unclear from the picture where this is) and of course, it has the cute little red nose that lights up the way. Available at Amazon .


Jolly Skipping Solar Santa



This solar decoration has 3 jolly Santas at the top of 3 white poles poll. They appear to be joyfully skipping. The decorative light contains 12 white LED bulbs is 18 inches tall.
It also has a 36-inch lead cord and 4 inches in spacing. The light, according to the description, can be used outdoors as well as indoor.


Golden Sun Turkey & Pumpkin Solar Light



It may be too late to order these for the Thanksgiving holidays but who says the rest of the season can't be powered up with these 4 golden solar turkeys (or 4 pumpkin) toppers? The unit is fully waterproof and weatherproof. The lights also charges by day and emit a low yellow light at night.


Solar-Powered Snowman, Angel and Tree



This pretty glass light unit includes 1 stake and 3 interchangeable solar finials: snowman, angel and tree.The solar panel and the battery pack are built into the steel stake. The NiCad battery is rechargeable and the light it emits glows for up to 12 hours.


Solar Powered String Light



This solar powered string light with 60 lights does not require an extension cord. This means the lights can be placed anywhere. There is no need to stay close to an outlet with this one. So if you want to put it on your mail box or around a tree or even on your car (not fuel efficient) as long as the light charges up during the day it will light up at night. Choose from multicolored or plain white. Available at TaylorGifts.com

Here's 9 More Solar Powered Holiday Lights you may like. 

I hope you enjoyed the list. Be sure to check out my Solar Powered Holiday Decorations and 9 More Solar Lights for the Holidays articles.

If you don't see the perfect solar lights for  your holidays celebration or they are not quite what you are looking for contact the solar light manufactures and let them know what your want and what you need. You can make a difference. A great general source for all things solar is Real Goods Solar Power.

Also feel free to send me links or place in comments sections other unique solar lights you may come across.

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