5 Neat Eco-gifts Ideas for the Holidays 2008

It's that time again to buy gifts for those we love for the Holidays. If you're not into the whole donating to charity idea and you would rather buy a gift, below are some green gift ideas to consider.



Fingerless Plug-in Gloves









You are at the computer and your hands are too cold to type. You wont turn the heater on because you want to be eco-friendly and save money. Sure you could put on some gloves, but gloves make it hard to type, so how about trying out these Fingerless Plug-in Gloves. The wires in the gloves connect right into your computer while you are typing and the computer warms up your hands. Your hands stay warm and cozy and you can finish up that paper due tomorrow. If only the gloves were made of recycled or organic material.


Bracelets Made of Veggies





What better way to show your love for veggies and your sense of style than with these colorful bracelets made of vegetables? These bracelets are handmade in California by artist Margaret Dorfman. First the vegetables are cured, pressed, aged and then they are "dried into a translucent parchment sheet. The sheet is then fused to a copper cuff that shines through the thin parchment".


Edible Indoor Miniature Garden







Just because winter is fast approaching doesn't mean you can't have a garden. Take your garden indoors with this decorative Edible Indoor Miniature Garden found at Dleight.com. This tiny garden product is made in France and designed by Luong Rabinowitz Vuarnesson. Buy one fore you, one for your co-worker, and one for anyone else you can think of that needs a little more fresh green in their lives and in their bodies.


Reusable Tote On Key Chain








This reusable tote from GrowKids.org folds up so small it can fit on your key chain. Does this mean you should have 10 of these attached on your keychain along with all your keys and keychain accessories? Probably not, but it does mean you can always have one handy on your keychain. It also means it is easy to attach to your purse or backpack zipper so that you don't have to dig around the bottom of your bag every time you need it.



Plant Pot Walks Into Sunlight










Remembering to water your indoor plants is hard. Remembering to move your plants occasionally into the sunlight is even harder. So the London design group The Play Coalition created a plant pot that would move itself into the sunlight. Sounds like a great gift idea right? I don't mean to tease you with this one, but it isn't available for sale, at least not that I can find. Still feel free to email Neil, Dane and Joe at The Play Coalition to let them know you are interested. Who knows, with enough feedback they may just put this very useful product on the market.


Keep a look out for more green ideas in the coming weeks. Happy Holidays!