Spring's Here! - Banish Pasty Skin With These 5 Sunless Tanners

By now we all know that traditional tanning is not a good idea.  Over the past couple of decades tons of self tanning products have hit the market.  There are so many different formulations and application methods available that anyone who wants to get a touch of color should be able to find something to use, but where to start?  Here are a few of the currently new and/or most popular self tanners.

#1. Banana Boat Sun Dial Lotion



For those who like a basic lotion type self tanner, this version allows users a bit more control over the color they will get.  This is a great option for people like me who start out extremely pale; it’s nice to know that you can build color gradually and not look like you have an obvious fake tan.



#2. Designer Skin Just Say Yes Self Tanner W/Mega Bronzer



On the other hand, if you want a deep, dark tan overnight or if you already have a bit of color then you could go for this new lotion.  It’s scented like passion berry and promises the deepest, darkest self tan available.


#3. SheerTan Sunless Tanning Wand



If you love the effect of self tanners but are frustrated by the application process then this system may be for you.  The wand is intended to allow users to easily and evenly cover hard to reach areas like the back with a sheer self tanning spray.


#4. ModelCo Tan Self Tanning Glove



Sometimes determining the amount of self tanner to apply to get the perfect glow can be tough.  If you regularly find yourself slapping on either too much or too little product then this tanning glove will fix that problem by supplying you with the perfect amount of tanner.  Plus it will keep your hands product free – no tell-tale tanned palms.


#5. Natural Tan Airbrush Tanning Machine



Here is the big daddy of the group!  For anyone who is ultra serious about their spray tans this system gives you the opportunity to get that salon tan at home.  If you regularly go to the salon for an airbrush tan then this could definitely save you some money in the long run.

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Apr 13, 2011
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