5 Really Cool Designer Gifts For Bridal Showers & Weddings

I know that all modern brides are registered in one or more stores so all their gifts are pre-selected.  To that, I just say, "drat!"  It's totally understandable why brides (and their mothers) do this, but as a guest, I'm a little put out by it.  It's fun to look for things that are special and it's fun to surprise people; besides, who's going to remember that you gave her one set of dishes in her service for eight?  I've got some special gifts right here from Animi Causa designs, so you can give her something that she won't have seven more of....


1.   Vazu Expandable Vase

The concept of an expandable vase threw me for a minute, but then I realized that the vase is a doubled sheet of several layers of polymers, like polyethylene and polyester.  When you pour water into the Vasu, it takes its shape as a vase and looks like real glass.  There are six really pretty designs and various colors to choose from.  It will be hard to choose just one, but that would be appropriate for a shower gift at $12.90 and there's free shipping on it too!

These are great for newlyweds as flowers come regularly for the first couple of years.  When not in use, the vases can be stored without taking up much room too.  


Vazu GrooveMaker: ©Anima CausaVazu GrooveMaker: ©Anima Causa


Vazu RipRop: ©Anima CausaVazu RipRop: ©Anima Causa


2.  Magnetic Vases


Magnetic Vases: ©Anima CausaMagnetic Vases: ©Anima Causa


These are also very clever and elegant gifts.  The Magnetic Vases are secured to the table, as you might presume, with magnets hiding under the tablecloth.  The Vases are about $55 each, so if you want to spring for five or so, they would be a big hit.   Look at this table setting below...


Magnetic Vases: ©Anima CausaMagnetic Vases: ©Anima Causa


How the metal vase works...: ©Anima CausaHow the metal vase works...: ©Anima Causa



3.    Truffles Plate

This lovely porcelain serving dish must be for the bride who has or will get everything, and one who enjoys upscale entertaining.  Otherwise, the chances of finding the Truffles Plate on eBay will be high.  Other uses for the plate?  Stuffed cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, stuffed olives... I'm sure she will think of more.  At $44.90, the Truffles Plate is reasonably priced.


Truffles Serving Plate: ©Anima CausaTruffles Serving Plate: ©Anima Causa 

4.  Cake Triangles

These 10 ceramic triangles are perfect serving dishes that form a whole cake when placed together.  The cake is served in the front portion of the plate and there is space behind it for a decorative motif, or sauce, or even a dessert fork.  At $120, the Cake Triangles make a very presentable wedding gift.


Cake Triangles: ©Anima CausaCake Triangles: ©Anima Causa


Cake Triangles: ©Anima CausaCake Triangles: ©Anima Causa


5.  Pupik Vase

The Pupik Vase is a combination vase and ashtray.  This is especially handy when you have a guest who smokes and you don't mind a cigarette or two smelling up the house... or better, the yard.  Alternatively, the ash tray would be a great place to keep little trinkets or coins... or sugar cubes.

The inspiration for the design comes from restaurant and cafe tables, where the vase always sits inside the ashtray to save space on the table. It's very cute.  And if the bride is Jewish, she might know that 'pupik' is the Yiddish word for 'belly button.'  You see the little belly button in the design?  This item is on sale now for $20.


Pupik Vase: ©Anima CausaPupik Vase: ©Anima Causa


 Anima Causa is in Israel, but the boutique offers free shipping around the world and ships next day.