5 Seriously Fun Tools For Kids In The Kitchen From Head Chefs™

Stand them, bend them, wiggle or jiggle them, Fiesta's Head Chefs™ are the most fun functional cooking tools around to encourage kids to help in the kitchen. Like characters in a band, they all play a cooking instrument. The measuring cup, pastry brush, spoon, spatula, and whisk ... each so appealing, parents will want to play them too!

Fiesta makes five fun kid's kitchen tools out of silicone. They all have bendable arms and legs, sit, stand steady on their suction feet, and are dishwasher safe. The Head Chefs tools are durable and designed to be held by small hands.


1. Head Chefs Silicone Measuring Cup




2. Head Chefs Silicone Pastry Brush





3. Head Chefs Silicone Spoon




4. Head Chefs Silicone Spatula




5. Head Chefs Silicone Whisk



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via Epicurious.com

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