5 Of The Sexiest, Freakiest And Most Innovative Trends In Underwear And Lingerie

When it comes to underwear and lingerie, you might have thought you've seen it all - but think again, because here are 5 of the sexiest, freakiest and most innovative trends in underwear and lingerie that will surely blow your mind!

#5 - The Massaging Bra

Bra MassagerBra Massager

The Brassage, invented by Christina Erteszek's, is designed to give female wearers a massage as they wear it. No, it's not really meant for erotic purposes; the massage is said to help to eliminate toxins from the body. Whatever its purposes, a bra that creates increased comfort can never be a bad thing! Unfortunately, after ABC's Good Morning America said that there was no research to substantiate the claim that the bra will help to eliminate toxins, it was pulled from the market and is no longer for sale at Intimate Health.

#4 - Love Note Lingerie

Lingerie has forever been a man's way of showing his woman how much he loves her...even if it's a self-serving gift. But now it doesn't have to be strictly about his purchase, not with this Luxxa Lingerie that comes with a canister designed to carry a love note, or a message that's slightly more raunchy.

Beware when browsing Luxxa's lingerie and panty collection, some of their designs or only for the brave at heart!

#3 - Bra Extenders for the Natural Woman

Bra ExtensionBra Extension

Super models might never seem to gain a hint of weight and even seem to bounce right back to their pre-baby weights immediately after popping out a little bundle of joy. But the normal woman tends to have weight fluctuations throughout her life, despite diet, exercise or lack thereof. The right bra is hard to come by, often pricey, and so, in order to preserve what we love to wear, the bra extenders have been created to help lengthen the band on any bra!

#2 - Peek-a-Boo Bras

Peek-a-Boo BraPeek-a-Boo Bra

With bras designed to frame the breast already on my radar, it's not really surprising that more revealing underwear is designed to leave very little to the imagination, although isn't necessarily what you'd envision of sexy lingerie either. Quite a few underwear brands and lingerie designers have come out with bras in the peek-a-boo style, and while they may not offer support, they definitely are revealing!

#1 - PJs for the Clingy Couple

Couple's PajamasCouple's Pajamas

Okay, so the 1+1 Sleepwear Set by Frédérique Daubal isn't actually designed for sharing, but it does feature a clingy couple in its graphic design, including a boxer clad man and a half naked woman, so that when you get close to your matching pair of pajamas the graphic people get cozy just like the real thing! They've a fun novelty set of pajamas that just might inspire a little bit of romance!

 Via: TrendHunter