5 Sustainable Tables For Eating, Drinking, Growing, Coloring and “Communicating” During The Holidays

Whether we want to admit it or not we eat a lot during the winter holidays so other than the kitchen counters, tables also become a place of gathering, socializing and eating. Show your guests how much you appreciate them eating at your home with unique sustainable tables like the ones below.


1. Permanent Plant Centerpiece Table


via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

Centerpieces can get in the way of an across-the-table conversation, but it can if thought out careful can become a useful part of the meal. The centerpiece on this table is a perfect example. It is permanent but it also grows. Plant a little cilantro, rosemary, basil or any edible herb in the center and dinner will be filled with a wonderful aroma and taste all year long.


2. Loveseat Table


via Inhabitatvia Inhabitat

Some tables are meant for personal dinners, one on one romantic meal between to loving people. This table allows a romantic couple to dine at the table and then relax on it. How? It's a loveseat table. First the couple has their romantic holiday dinner. Then the couple puts the dish away. Last the couple unfolds the loveseat from the table and takes a seat.



3. Kid Color Table


via colormetables.comvia colormetables.com

This is an innovative table long overdue. Kids can eat as well as draw on the table while the grownups have their boring old holiday dinner at the grownup table. The tables and chairs are made entirely from recyclable materials. 



4. Wine Barrel Table


via Keetsavia Keetsa

A special table is needed to display those special drinks and crunchy snacks. What better place to display these tasty treats than on an elegant table made from an old wine barrel?

5. Blue Door Coffee Table


via jcrabbit's from Etsyvia jcrabbit's from Etsy

A coffee table opens the door to a room full of conversations because it is the perfect place to start a conversation, relax tired feet, play board games, drink hot chocolate, tea, coffee and eat snacks. It only makes sense that someone (jcrabbit) would make a coffee table out of an old door.

Happy Holidays!
Nov 14, 2009
by Sparrow

Gee whiz

And we just called it the kitchen table. How could I have possibly grown up normal all those years ago without a sustainable table? Wait though, we still have that kitchen table. In fact, it's 150 years old and been in the family the entire time. I guess we had sustainable tables in the 50's after all, and they were multi-use sustainable tables. We didn't need a seperate one for coloring, eating, building models, doing homework or having a romantic dinner. Have  I made my point? Are you tired of the new buzz phrases trying to seperate you from your money? Sustainable, echo-friendly, green, recyclable etc. It's just a scam and you know it.

Nov 15, 2009
by Toby
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Very cool!

Neat finds! Tweet! Tweet!


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