5 Things To Do In Picking A Product Name

Choosing a name for your product can be one of the most agonizing and challenging things that you will do when it comes to your business. If you choose wrong, the result can be that your product fails miserably. Here are five things to do in picking a product name:

1. Brainstorm.  Gather together all of the key players of your business or company and have a discussion about the product.  What kind of an image are you trying to convey?  The product name should reflect the idea behind the product.

2. Make a list of adjectives that describe the product.  The adjective is then used to create a name that is derived from that word - something that is basically made up from an adjective about the product.  Alive – “Alivia”, alluring – “Allura”, etc.

3. Choose a name that strikes a chord with you. Does the name hold our interest or grab your attention? Do you get a gut feeling about the name that makes you want to choose a particular name? Keep notes on the names that you like the best and consider them all before choosing one.

4. Keep it extremely simple.  The name does not have to be long or complicated.  Shorter names are more memorable – Apple, Dell, Google.

5. Research your potential name before finalizing it.  Is the name close to another product that is popular?  You certainly do not want to be involved in a copyright lawsuit.

If a product becomes popular, the name is something that will define it forever.  Not to put any pressure on the people naming the product, but a name choice is extremely important.

Source: Todaymade